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Barrie Watts
23-Oct-2005, 11:11
Does anyone have experience of processing 5x4 sheet film in the Jobo 2521 tank? I'd like to know what would be the optimum solution amount to avoid uneven development. Also can you load the spiral up or is it best to only load it with a couple of sheets to avoid streaking. I'll be using the tank on a CPE2 processor. Many thanks.

Joseph O'Neil
23-Oct-2005, 11:48
I use the 2551 tank - two reels - yours I think is a single reel tank - so as the old saying goes, your milage may vary. Take my advice not as Gospel, but a starting point for your own experiments. Quick points off the top of my head...

1) I always use a water pre-soak, at the same temp I develop. Usually around 4 minutes soak.

2) I never load the reel up to it's full capacity of 6 sheets, just 4 sheets. I have had problems with uneven development in the past - others however, have reported no problem at all with 6 sheets vs 4.

3) I used to use 600ml per devlopment run, I now use 700ml - this is for two reels. Seems to improve things a wee bit.

4) Maybe it's just me, but when using constant agitation, especially with some developers seem very sensitive to what water you use for yoru devleoper. While I use plain ole tap water for pre-soak, stop and wash, I use only distilled water for mixing up my developer. Giv eyou an example - I found for 35mm and 120- stainless steel reels and hand agitation eveyr 30 seconds, I could use tap water for any developer (Xtol may be the exception - it can be fussy at all or any times). But for constant agitation, expecially 4x5, water quality seems to be critical for developer, so watch out for that.

5) Watch your times and contrast. Constant rotation speeds up development times and increases contrast *big time* if you are not careful. one reason a water pre-soak is reccomended I think. before you develop anything critcal, go out and shoot a half dozen sheets of your pet cat, flowers in your garden - something non-critical - and then devleop, and see what kind of negatives you will get. Took me a "fews tries" - which is a polite way of say about a box of film - to start to get it right when I moved from SS hangers and tanks to the Jobo reel and tank. But now i am there, i would never want to go back.

good luck

23-Oct-2005, 11:55
I normally use a 2551 to.

100ml per sheet of 4x5. But I'm using D-23 1:3. Stronger dilutions wouldn't need so much. With at least the 600ml or so the tank calls for.
No presoak for me. Full six sheets.

The thread on Apug that ended up discussing how some reels need a little polishing got me thinking. Is it possible a different mold or what ever caused the problems some people see? It would be interesting if all the people who had problems had reels from the same production batch.

Denis Pleic
23-Oct-2005, 12:12
I use 2523 - same tank, but with cog instead of magnet.

I use it on older Jobo CPE, and had problems with uneven development at first (streaks along upper and lower edges, where negatives come in contact with the reel). I use 4 negs per reel.
I also use newer 2509N reels, with "flaps".

The problem turned out to be the slow rotation speed I used. Just developed another batch yesterday (4 negs), at faster speed (I have speeds marked "1" - slower, and "2" - faster) - no problems at all!

As for quantity of chemicals, Jobo recomends at least 270ml as minimum per 6 sheets (1 full reel). That's an absolute minimum - I used 335 ml yesterday (Rodinal 1+60, that was 5.5ml of Rodinal in 330ml of water) - no problems.

So, measure your quantities anywhere from 300 ml to 400 ml, and you should be OK. I'm not sure about developing 6 sheets at a time - haven't tried it yet.

I would also advise to be careful about water - I use only filtered water for entire process - including the wash. But then, our local tap water is VERY hard :(

Barrie Watts
23-Oct-2005, 16:14
Thanks very much guys. I really appreciate your answers and invaluable advice. I'll have a go and see how it goes. You have all saved me a lot of wasted time and film I'm sure !

Many thanks

Dan Jolicoeur
23-Oct-2005, 16:33
I have never had problems either. No pesoak for me, and basically following the same rules as Nick regarding amount of developer. I am using xtol but, have used several others without problems.
Good luck,

Neal Wydra
23-Oct-2005, 17:36
Dear Barrie,

I use 300ml (for however many sheets are in the drum) and ~75rpm. No problems to date.

23-Oct-2005, 18:55
6 sheets per reel in a CPE-2 on high speed, 300ml, mainly FP4+ in ID-11 @ 1+1. No pre-wash. No problems. Some people have problems - no one knows why!


Barrie Watts
24-Oct-2005, 02:27

With the CPE2 on high speed and FP4 in ID11 @ 1+1 what time do you use ? Have you tried Delta too ?


24-Oct-2005, 08:06
"With the CPE2 on high speed and FP4 in ID11 @ 1+1 what time do you use ? Have you tried Delta too ?"

6 mins @ 24 degrees celcius. (~ 9 mins at 20c but I prefer the higher temp: easier to maintain in the summer) . FP4+ rated at 80 ASA. I spin the drum loaded with film (dry) for 3 mins or so to bring everything up to temp. Did try Delta 100 in the past but can't remember what times - prefered the look of FP4+. As always, YMMV...