View Full Version : Portra 160 4x5 nowhere to be found

9-Apr-2019, 13:58

Does anyone have a source for Kodak Portra 160 in 4x5 sheets? Ive had it on order from B&H for a couple of weeks and every other source that I've checked seems out of stock. If anyone knows where it is in stock, please let me know!


9-Apr-2019, 14:27
Freestyle indicates that it's out of stock until early May. Try contacting Pro Photo Connection in Irvine, CA. They stock quite a bit of film and may have some in the fridge.

(949) 250-7073

sales: sales@prophotoconnection.com

Jim Becia
9-Apr-2019, 18:32
Badger Graphics shows it as being in stock.

10-Apr-2019, 05:54
Badger Graphics shows it as being in stock.

Thanks! Just ordered