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9-Apr-2019, 09:20
I'm storing 2L worth of XTOL replenished in a glass bottle. So far it works like a champ! I've got fairly consistent dev times now - they're not far off from stock times but I'm using a rotary which seems to cancel out the replenishment adjustment. I have my custom rotary (using a 2500 JOBO tank) set to 45 rpm reversing direction every 10 seconds.

Anyway that works great but I've been trying to figure out how to best manage the solution. I used to have it in a plastic accordion 2L bottle but switched to glass. In part because the amount of liquid is fixed since it doesn't collapse and also because glass is supposedly better. Both of these solutions tended to cause dribbling/drooling as I try to pour the liquid into my beaker when I'm about to dev (I pour our 400-500ml).

Any tips on how to avoid this? I suspect it's because the bottle is completely full so when I start pouring there is some backpressure until air can get in there. It doesn't cause a huge mess (usually) but it's annoying.

9-Apr-2019, 09:37
Use a pour ring.

N. Riley

9-Apr-2019, 10:22
Ask a bartender. :) Google pour spouts.

9-Apr-2019, 10:25
Ah thanks folks! Both those are good options! Glad I asked - I tried to search around but I didn't really know what to call the thing I was looking for :) This helps a ton!

9-Apr-2019, 13:06
Pour rapidly, this helps somewhat. Cap the bottle after use a d rinse it briefly. Works for me.

Jim Noel
9-Apr-2019, 16:23
Buy your bottles from a chemical supplier.They have a lip which prevents your problem. Your local druggist may be willing to sell you a few every once in a while.

9-Apr-2019, 20:51
Flashback to high school chemistry- transfer liquids using a glass rod!


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