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Justin Roxbrough
8-Apr-2019, 17:56
Hello all,

I'm looking to purchase a Calumet C1 at the moment. The specific one I've been eyeing has a 4x5 conversion back on it without the standard 8x10. As Calumet has closed it's doors, I can't seem to find any resources for available parts. Does anyone have any information on this or am I limited to what comes up on private listings? Thanks for any help.

All the best,

Oren Grad
8-Apr-2019, 18:40
If you want to shoot 8x10, best to wait for a camera that comes complete with an 8x10 back.

If you do buy the camera and want to add the 8x10 back for a C1, you can post in the WTB subforum here.

To my knowledge, there is no stash of parts and accessories for Calumet-branded products in general or for the C1 in particular that is being held by any dealer or that otherwise survived the bankruptcy intact. The likeliest places to find components such as backs are through forums such as this one where there is substantial LF interest, and on eBay. The largest used camera dealers, KEH and UsedPhotoPro (Roberts), maintain modest stocks of used LF equipment that are worth checking, but they tend to be mostly 4x5. 8x10 backs, separate from complete cameras, are going to be few and far between.

Justin Roxbrough
9-Apr-2019, 10:32
Fair enough. Thanks for the info.