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8-Apr-2019, 11:37
Economizing some more, I plan to eschew the cost and shipping charges (which are about equal) of my usual acetic acid stop when my stock runs out soon, and am looking toward citric acid as a replacement, since I have not seen anyone recommending ascorbic acid (which I already have) for stop. I'd like to have a teaspoon-type dilution for the citric, i.e., x tsp per liter, please. Unless hearing otherwise, I'll assume a capacity of 15 or more 8x10s per liter.


Randy Moe
8-Apr-2019, 11:51
I use one scant teaspoon food grade citric acid crystals, bought in a can.

I always mix new in 11X14 trays and toss after 10 8X10 prints.

No smell at all.

Fred L
8-Apr-2019, 12:05
I use 15 grams per litre and usually use 2 litres for printing. not sure how many prints I get but have processed more than 10 11x14 ( I think) and it still passed the squeak test).

My citric acid is food grade and bought in 55 lb bulk container.

Eric Woodbury
8-Apr-2019, 12:18
I just purchased a 5# bag from Amazon. $15.

15 gr is more than a level Tbsp, less than heaping. Exactly equal to one generous T.


8-Apr-2019, 12:58
How about vinegar?

8-Apr-2019, 13:07
I'm using 9% table apple vinegar, approx. 10 g. for 1 liter stop bath

8-Apr-2019, 13:29
I use 1 tsp per liter and typically have 2L in the tray. I don't keep specific track of how many prints have been through the stop, but my typically printing session is about 20 sheets of paper total, including test strips, work prints, etc.

8-Apr-2019, 22:08
I use about a tablespoon per liter and keep using it until it fails to turn the feel of a print "rubbery" in a few seconds. I have no clue about capacity; citric acid is cheap enough not to worry about things like capacity and cost.
I sometimes use an acetic acid stop, which is simply a generous dash of cleaning vinegar to a liter of water.

9-Apr-2019, 09:11
Thanks to all.

Jim Noel
9-Apr-2019, 16:25
I throw a tablespoon of citric acid in about a liter of water,and start working.

9-Apr-2019, 18:30
The real deal is glacial acetic acid, but you need to be careful in how you handle it to dilute.

9-Apr-2019, 19:37
I am trying to use up Kodak Indicator Stop Bath for one shot Jobo film runs. I can't stand the smell anymore. I use citric acid for tray use. I was given some Ilfostop (citric acid indicator type) I can't stand the smell of Kodak F-5 fix either. Horrible

9-Apr-2019, 20:33
Since switching to Citric Acid a few years ago i haven't looked back. Put a heaping teaspoon in a liter or so and off I go. You don't need to be anal about the amount.

9-Apr-2019, 22:29
The real deal is glacial acetic acid, but you need to be careful in how you handle it to dilute.

Which is exactly why I use cleaning vinegar. Same stuff, just way more dilute so it isn't as dangerous.

10-Apr-2019, 09:58
Does 'cleaning vinegar' refer to distilled?

Bruce Barlow
10-Apr-2019, 10:26
Does 'cleaning vinegar' refer to distilled?


Andrew O'Neill
10-Apr-2019, 10:49
I use vinegar at school to cut costs. I buy it from the dollar store. Dilute it to 1%.