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Dan Jolicoeur
22-Oct-2005, 22:14
Does anyone know anything about these apparently new films from Fuji, and what the difference between the 160c vs 160s is? I was about to order some NPS from Badger and they had none, only NPL. B&H was just the opposite, they had none of the new emulsions but, had the NPS, & NPL; at a higher price.

The only thing on the data sheets that I could see real quick was the new emulsions have a 4th layer and designed for scanning. It says nothing about the differenes between the 160c & 160s. Also one was about $10 more than the other for readyloads.

Are these replacing NPS?

Can anyone shed some light?

Michael S. Briggs
23-Oct-2005, 00:19
If you read the first sentences of the two datasheets carefully, you will find the key differences:

160S: "highly optimized skin tone reproduction and neutral gray balance ... portrait photography"

160C: "optimized for exposures requiring high-contrast results"

So think "S" for Skin or Standard contrast and "C" for high Contrast. The characteristic curves on the datasheets show the difference in contrast.

160C is aimed at the portrait photography, but suitable for any photography who prefers less contrast.

You might check Calumet.

Barry Wilkinson
23-Oct-2005, 03:38
Hi Dan,

There is an article on these films by Ctein in the September/October issue of Photo Techniques. He was very positive about them over the older emulsions.


Thilo Schmid
23-Oct-2005, 04:33
Will there be a 160c sheet film? AFAIK, was the former NPC not availiable in sheet film.

Barry Wilkinson
23-Oct-2005, 05:21
According to the Fuji datasheet, 160c will be produced in 5x4 sheet & QL. However here in the UK Fuji only lists the 135, 120 & 220 formats. 160s will be produced up to 8x10 sheet.


Michael S. Briggs
23-Oct-2005, 11:34
As I read the datasheets, 160S will be available in 4x5 sheets and Quick Load, and 8x10 in, 9x12 cm and 18x24 cm sheet.

The only sheet size for 160C is 4x5 Quick Load -- no plain sheets are listed.

Barry Wilkinson
23-Oct-2005, 11:47
Michael, sorry you are correct. I misread the data sheet.


Barry Wilkinson
23-Oct-2005, 11:52

Tha should have read...

Sorry Michael, you are correct.


Dan Jolicoeur
23-Oct-2005, 15:57
I haven't looked at the data sheets CLOSLEY yet. It was late last night when I was going over this. I did see the note about portraits. I don't understand the curves, and quickly scan over them. I wish I did understand them but, have never taken the time too really get a clue. I was not sure if the 160s was more for tungsten than day light?

If I am taking a group shot of my kids soccer team in front of a goal net in the middle of the day; would I use the portrait or the high contrast? I would tend to lean toward the high contrast, unless the sun is not bright? I was looking for readyloads anyhow, so that was great to see new emulsions. I was wondering if anyone here had used these new films yet?

I was at borders this morning looking for photo tech magazine and they where out! I need a subscription because several of you out there have been kind enough to mail me copies of articles more than once!
Thanks for your help everyone,