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22-Oct-2005, 10:21
I'm looking for some help choosing where in Alaska to get great landscapes with 4x5.
I am no mountaneer so would prefer to be not too far (3 miles max) from my vehicle or other transport but am prepared to be out at all times of the day and night if necessary. Also interested in pointing a spotting scope at eagles, bears, whales when the light is not right for photography.
I particularly enjoy the coast or other locations with water (still, running, ice etc)
Would fly into Anchorage from UK, and would rather pick 2 or 3 bases for day trips than some mad whistle stop 2000 mile dash 'everywhere'.
Also, any suggestions of websites for travel info or photo locations (not to copy others work!!) most welcome.
Thanks in advance,

Merg Ross
22-Oct-2005, 12:09
Check out the site of my friend Carl Battreall. He has been in Anchorage about four years and does excellent work. Google, you will find him.

22-Oct-2005, 15:55
Independence Mine at Hatcher Pass (about 50 miles NE of Anchorage) and Turnagain Arm (S of Anchorage) are two great places to spend an entire day. The drive up to Denali NP would also be worthwhile.

22-Oct-2005, 17:49
I spent 4 years there working and I would suggest Kodiak Island. Anywhere you turn is a photo op. Also if you get a chance to visit the Juneau area, please do..... another "living in a post card" photo op. I lived in Juneau and commuted to Kodiak ....That's a 1000 mile commute, but that's nothing to a sourdough. Your can't go wrong in Denali or any place along the way there. Have fun you'll never forget it trust me. God! I miss that Place!

22-Oct-2005, 18:12
Oh heres a tidbit the will let you imagine the vastness of Alaska........If they would happen to cut Alaska in half....Texas would still be the third largest state.

John Kasaian
22-Oct-2005, 19:08
The whole state is incredibly scenic. In the spring be prepared for mosquitos. BE PREPARED FOR MOSQUITOS! (thats more like it!) The SE panhandle is accessible via the Marine Highway and is quite scenic. You might check out the beaches around Wrangell, or the old fort at Haines.

One of my favorite towns is Talkeetna just outside Denali There is a touching cemetary where mountain climbers are buried.

I never got to the Kodiak :-( Juneau has some spectacular scenery. There is (or used to be) a helicopter company that would drop you off on a ridge abouve the passage and your could hike the ridge line and they's pick you up later in the afternoon. The flight was part of a maintenance schedule for some utility, so the airfare was quite reasonable. Glacier Bay is another area to explore via Gustavus.

The Brown Bear Lodge (Tolsona Lake I recall) will take you upstream and drop you off for as many days journey as you like, with a raft and you can float back to the lodge, camping along the way. Say "Hi" to Kirk and Julie if you go there. Great Moose Nose sausage!

Only the tip of the iceberg really. If you can, get a copy if The Milepost before hand and study it
---lots of info for trip planning.

Have a great trip!

Nathaniel Paust
24-Oct-2005, 19:04
Since I grew up there, I feel like I should put in a plug for Petersburg in Southeast Alaska. There's a daily Alaska Airlines flight that will get you to Southeast.

It's all big mountains, glacial peaks, salmon streams. Basically, the things that people think of when they think "Alaska". All of Southeast is composed of islands too, so the ocean plays a very large part in the landscape. It's a very wet area (120 inches of rain a year in Petersburg, although June isn't a very wet month) so everything is very green. One other cool thing is that besides old-growth forests, the main terrain is muskeg... basically all mossy bogs with small ponds and stunted trees.

Petersburg also has the advantage of being largely untouched by development for tourism. There are a few hotels, but the lifeblood of the community is still commercial fishing. If you wanted to get some pictures of "real Alaskan life", a quick walk down the docks would definitely give you some great opportunities.

I'm biased, but I'd stay away from Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka in Southeast. They're much more touristy. In a lot of the other towns (Petersburg, Wrangell, and if you want a challenge Kake, Craig, or some of the other small towns) you can go for a 5 minute walk and be someplace completely untouched by humanity.