View Full Version : 2019 Ilford Special Order period now open

6-Apr-2019, 17:28
Anyone have an idea about the 2019 speical order period?

Moderator's note: the 2019 special order period is now open, see post #6 below.

Jim Noel
6-Apr-2019, 17:49
It is too early. Usually happens in late April, or May.

Oren Grad
6-Apr-2019, 17:55
Last year the announcement was made late in April, with orders due by May 25.

Sal Santamaura
18-Apr-2019, 21:30
The 2019 special order period started today. I've found one dealer who's put up information even before Ilford seems to have:


Closing date is May 24. Have fun. :)

19-Apr-2019, 22:12
Just placed an order with Glass Key in SF (at least an email!) for 14x17" HP5+. Can't wait.

Oren Grad
25-Apr-2019, 14:25
The official announcement with full item list and dealer roster is now up, finally:


I'll revise the thread title to avoid confusion.