View Full Version : Selecting A 5x7 Holder for my 57 Super Technika V

J. P. Mose
22-Oct-2005, 08:05
My 57 Super Technika V set arrived last Saturday from Czech Republic. It is a beauty but of course the holders are 13x18. I don't have any problems with using 13x18 cm film, but the only emulsion available in the states is J&C 400. Does anyone know of other sources in the states? Shipping from Europe would be too expensive (I assume).

I have been reading through the treads and trying to determine the best 5x7 holder to purchase. I would opt for Linhof holders, but they haven't been manufactured for several years and don't appear on Ebay too often. No Toyo in 5x7. The Sinar holder is way out of my budget. So which one should I target? I have read that there are inconsistencies film register (depth) and this concerns me. I don't have a micrometer to measure them.

Bob Salomon has dated my camera from late 1966. As a result, the optical viewfinder is the earlier Schneider model from that period. The mask is "13x18". I noticed that the later model viewfinders have a mask stamped 13x18/5x7. I assume that the 13x18 mask is adequate since the dimensions are so close. The chances of finding a used "5x7" mask are very slim. In fact, not much shows up used for the 57 Super Technika V models (more for the III and IV). Are they somewhat rare?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Joerg Krusche
22-Oct-2005, 09:12

you may consider to buy 13x18 APX 100 from nordfoto.de, they still have some of it. If you buy a decent number, then shipping cost per package of film/25 sheets per package will go down. APX 100 in 13x18 is considerably cheaper than Kodak/Ilford, and is quite nice in X-tol 1+3.

Go for Fidelity Elite 13x18 holders, they are ok and can be found frequently on ebay, an alternative to Sinar holders or Linhof.

.. and if you think that you should get rid of that old Linhof ST V, I would be glad to ...

Best regards


Joerg Krusche
22-Oct-2005, 09:19

just to add : nordfoto is sitting also on Rodinal, and it can be shipped without any restrictions I believe, since properly classified and packed, just in case you thought APX 100 should have Rodinal.



Ole Tjugen
22-Oct-2005, 09:22
Any modern 5x7" holders will fit, as well as many "unmodern". I use several different sorts, all the way back to the 13x18 linhof Universal "mit Auswerfer". I also have both 5x7" and 13x18cm holders, since film availability in Norway is a bit hit-and-miss.

Lisco/fidelity are fine. I have had no problems with register differences going from book-style plate holders with film inserts to Linhof Universals to later Linhofs to Lisco to fidelity to brand-new Fidelity.

Michael S. Briggs
22-Oct-2005, 23:55
What I plan to do for the 5x7 reducing back I recently bought for my 8x10 camera is buy modern plastic Fidelity/Lisco holders. I've measured modern plastic 4x5 Fidelity/Lisco holders with a depth micrometer and they all been well within the ANSI spec. I don't know the reason for reports of incorrect depths in holders -- old, worn holders, maybe wooden ones? A few bad ones? Incorrect measurements?

You can buy an Chinese made depth micrometer for less than the cost of a new 5x7 holder.

23-Oct-2005, 11:02
I have bought two sets of 5x7 holders at auction for a grand toal of 30 dollars for 12 holders. All are old wooden ones and none have depth issues.

J. P. Mose
24-Oct-2005, 06:09
Thanks for the replys. I will forget what I "thought" was a potential problem and get some nice used ones on Ebay.

Now if I only had more muscle mass to carry the camera around all day!

24-Oct-2005, 07:26
As you carry the camera around you will not be a measly little girly man for long. Heck my 5x7 is lighter than both of my 4x5's. Now the 8x10 I am rebuilding is a different story.