View Full Version : Wanted 4x5 short rail Calumet

ronald moravec
22-Oct-2005, 07:27
Does anyone have a short rail ( 12" ) 4x5 Calumet for sale? Looking for condition 9 or better.

This model has the special pleated bellows for wide angle work.

I intend to do perspective control with a 90 mm lens and roll film back.

Merg Ross
22-Oct-2005, 11:44
You may want to check with Jim @ Midwest Photo. He had one not long ago at a good price. I believe it is the CC-402 that you seek. It is a good camera for the money, I used mine when doing commercial architectural work years ago and I believe Kirk Gittings still uses one.

Kirk Gittings
22-Oct-2005, 12:12
Believe it or not I do still use one. It is actually called the Calumet Widefield. I paid 175.00 for it twenty years ago on a lark and have used it ever since. I also bought a back up at Central Photo in Chicago a few years back for 200.00. Mine is modified a bit with oversise knobs and knobs on both sides of the standards and replaced the bails with the long version and filed out the GG holder so it will take a roll film holder properly. And I had it powdercoated flat black so it looks a bit more contemporary. Calumet still stocks all the parts including the bellows. It still makes a great camera for architecture. I primarily use it with Calumet 6x9 roll film holders. It is one of the few cameras that will take a 47mm on a flat lensboard. I hate recessed lens boards. It is only 4 parts different from the regular Calumet

Don Sparks
22-Oct-2005, 14:34
Keh has one listed for $172.00. It is "bargain condition", but the picture they show looks pretty good. You could call them and find out more as to condition. www.keh.com is the website.

ronald moravec
22-Oct-2005, 15:02
Thank you all.

Kirk may have the one I returned to Central Camera. I decided I need one camera that does it all rather than tote around complete long and short rail systems.

I need roll film and perspective control and now it seems like the ideal solution. I would stay with 4x5 except it is harder to get 4x5 color neg processed than 6x7. My Zone 6 accepts the roll film back, but it seems like a real stretch for it. The cc400 series seems better suited for the abuse.

Jim Rhoades
23-Oct-2005, 07:08
Last I looked, Midwest had one in 8+ for $149.