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5-Apr-2019, 00:49
Hi, I'm pretty new in the large format world and I have some questions regarding the back of my MPP mkVII.

I would like to try to shoot some panoramic like 6x17 with a da yi back.

Do you think this back will fit on this camera?

My other cheap option would be to stick some 120film inside the 4x5 holder which would give me approx 6x12 frames. Does any of you tried this option?

5-Apr-2019, 03:23
It will fit fine, I have the same camera & similar back.

The only problem I have is that the DaYi back is slightly too thick, so I have to loosen the two screws that hold the Graflok spring down a little bit. Also combined the whole thing weighs close to 10lbs so make sure your support is sufficient.

There's also a 6x12 DaYi/Shen Hao back, and Wista also makes many roll film backs in various sizes including 6x12. Cutting 120 and trying to fit it in a 45 holder is a lost cause, you need to cut and tape everything down in the dark, or get an IR goggle. Much cheaper to just get the proper back in the first place.

5-Apr-2019, 03:32
You can use a DaYi 6x17 back, but I believe there are some limitations on the lenses that can be used. A cheaper option for 6x12 is to use a "half-slide". See this thread for ideas: https://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?80523-Cutting-a-4x5-film-holder-slide-cover-for-two-panoramic-images-on-one-sheet-of-film


5-Apr-2019, 03:33
Thanks for the informations minh0204, I think my spring back is stuck ? I can't manage to take the spring back out, I tried to uinscrew totally both sides but it stay in place. Is there a way to take it out that I don't know ?

5-Apr-2019, 03:34
Wista also makes many roll film backs in various sizes including 6x12.

I've not seen a Wista or Toyo 6x12 back so far. Do you have a link?


5-Apr-2019, 04:10
Nevermind, I managed to slide the back. It was a bit sticky and wasn't pressing enough !