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Craig Wactor
21-Oct-2005, 18:11
RE my post earlier about ULF medical IR film, I contacted the guy I bought it from. He has some boxes of 100 left, but he did not say how many. I got a box for $35, I think, I am not sure what he is asking now. Here is the reply he sent me, with his contact info:

Hello Craig,
Yes have more available, have been able to reduce shipping cost, it appears there is not a problem with out ice packs and shipping UPS ground. Direct email ebrit@comcast.net

Ed B

21-Oct-2005, 18:15
Craig: Is this stuff like Kodak's high speed IR or something else? I am tempted to suggest that you buy all of it and put it in a freezer for future use and sales, but it is always easy to spend other people's money. :) If you are not interested, I might be.


John Kasaian
21-Oct-2005, 18:37
Check out


Will it work without a laser?

Craig Wactor
21-Oct-2005, 18:44
The film is definitely NOT HIE. It is a veeery slow film, I rated it at ASA 1/100 to get good exposures. Typical exposure time is a half hour at f/32 (in Arizona sunlight!). I am not sure about having an anti-halation layer. Nothing seems to wash off in the prewet, but it does not have the "halo" effect of HIE so far.

I posted a few days ago with an image made with the film, and some tech info.

Mainly for me, it was a way to get big film cheap!

Craig Wactor
21-Oct-2005, 18:45
Oh, and yes, it works with no lasers. Just long exposures, and defocusing for the IR wavelength.

Jay DeFehr
22-Oct-2005, 22:26

how do you defocus for the IR wavelength?


Craig Wactor
24-Oct-2005, 22:07
I focus closer (move the rear standard back farther from the lens) about 4mm for my 600mm APO lens. People have differening opinions about the focus shift with IR, but with mine, I have found the need to focus back some. My advice is to shoot one exposure with a large aperture, focused on something obvious, and develop the film. The negative will tell you if you need to change focus, and about how much. Until they invent infrared polaroid, I think this is the only method.