View Full Version : what are arista film users using?

21-Oct-2005, 15:15
I found an old package of opened Arista 400 in 8x10 buried in the darkroom, so I've got a few sheets left...sob.. weep...wail...its been there for years and its the last one I'll see. What have the rest of your former 400 users switched to for a replacement? I didnt like the price of HP5 much when I looked-its even worse than when I was being cheap and buying Arista. I suppose I really should test all the other 400's out there but I'm still cheap and hope someone else has done that work for me. I'd love to buy the HP5 to support Ilford but 3 bucks a bang is just too much right now. I guess I'll do it if I have no choice for getting the HP5 look

Jorge Gasteazoro
21-Oct-2005, 15:18
I think the only "cheap" option right now is JandC 400 film. I have heard good things about it so it might be well worth your testing it.

John Kasaian
21-Oct-2005, 15:37

The Efke PL 100 look is pretty spiffy if you can handle a slower film (and save the pricey 400 asa stuff for when you really need the speed!)


tim atherton
21-Oct-2005, 15:42
Yeah, but they haven't had the 8x10 in for a while and I've asked when so many times I think John is ingoring my emails now....

I think in part this sort of stuttering supply is how things are going to be in the future - stock up when you can get it

21-Oct-2005, 15:54
I just bit the proverbial bullet and bought another box of hp5. Cost me 75 bucks, including
delivery from Calumet in Chicago. I was glad to save 15 bucks; I paid 90 bucks for the same thing delivered
from Adorama. I would rather pay the going price for great film than save substantially and get
something I am less than thrilled with. I don't know how Arista handles, but I am very happy with
hp5 (although I'd be ecstatic with Fuji neopan 400, which is apparently unavailable in 8x10).

21-Oct-2005, 17:38
stock up when you can get it

anyone have a time machine I can borrow for a few minutes?

I've been thinking about trying the J and C, though someone said it was delicate in trays and I like to tray process. If it ever comes in I will still give it a whirl.

ronald lamarsh
21-Oct-2005, 20:07
You might try the Arista EDU 400 its Forte 400. I bit the bullet also and just got some FP4+ the efke 100 is fine and a good price but I am just too rough to not scratch it.

21-Oct-2005, 21:19
They dont have it in the Arista edu in 400 though.... I've never had a problem with scratching yet, but I also dont want to start now

21-Oct-2005, 21:20
argg...need edit feature... They dont have the Arista edu in 400 though, is what I tried to say

Donald Qualls
22-Oct-2005, 14:35
The current .EDU Ultra is Fomapan, I'm told. The old .EDU was Forte Otherwise, I don't recall.