View Full Version : 4x5 Fidelity vs Toyo holder

1-Apr-2019, 13:44
I just purchased a few Fidelity 4x5 holders.

The issue I'm having is that I cannot reach the release button when the holder is mounted on the rear standard. So I don't know how to properly insert the slide back without exposing the film (at least with my camera).
Does anyone else have the same problem?

The same issue would not occur with a Toyo since they use a small lever easily reachable.

1-Apr-2019, 14:21
The film is exposed by the lens shutter. Otherwise I have no idea what you are talking about.

1-Apr-2019, 14:37
yes but you have to put back the protection into the holder, and I cannot do it because the white button is unreachable

1-Apr-2019, 14:43
Release button? There is a hook that I am aware of, but it should be pretty much the same for both holders.

1-Apr-2019, 14:54
The Fidelty has a white button on it but it faces the rear end and is unreachable without lifting the holder a bit.

1-Apr-2019, 15:03
Could you post an image of the white button?

1-Apr-2019, 15:25
I might have purchased the wrong type (Lisco Mark II). Mine have a white button, not the standard lever

1-Apr-2019, 15:43
Terminology problem...

The entire assembly is called a "film holder".
The panel on each side that you pull out before making an exposure is the "dark slide".

On holders with the round white button, the button is depressed properly when the holder is fully inserted into the camera, being pressed forward against the body by the springs that move the ground glass back.

You do not press that button by hand.

If it doesn't release automatically, you have not pushed the holder fully into the camera body.

- Leigh

Bob Salomon
1-Apr-2019, 16:27
Do you mean Riteway holders with the auto lock and the number wheel?
Are you using a Linhof? If so the auto lock does not function on Linhof cameras.

Lisco, Fidelity and Riteway holders, at least the more recent versions, were made by the same company, a division of the defunct Calumet, USA.

1-Apr-2019, 16:43
Thanks a lot Leigh! That solved the issue.