View Full Version : any of you do your own darkroom color printing?

31-Mar-2019, 20:44
I ran into a local guy today who asked if I knew anyone who did darkroom color printing. He has a bunch of paper he wants to get rid of. I know nothing about this, but he says its Kodak color printing paper, some as large as 20x24. I could put any of you who were interested in touch with him.

Michael Clark
31-Mar-2019, 21:43
Their are a lot that do color printing over at Apug .

31-Mar-2019, 22:28
Their are a lot that do color printing over at Apug .Apug?

Joshua Pheneger

jose angel
1-Apr-2019, 00:09

Joshua Pheneger

Now is Photrio.

Tom Kershaw
1-Apr-2019, 10:28
I've just started doing some colour printing again with my stocks of Kodak Supra Endura. The paper isn't that fresh these days and my experience is that currently available Fuji Crystal Archive gives different results to the Kodak paper.


Drew Wiley
1-Apr-2019, 13:25
Is there any other way to do color printing? You know the saying... If you want something done right, do it yourself. Or in this case, learn it yourself. And RA4 printing is arguably the easiest form of color printing there is. But I have no idea what the "A" in APUG means. They say, "analogue", whatever that is. Most things worth keeping were invented in caves, like fire, and spears, and cave paintings. That's why we each need a nice dark cave for sake of creativity.