View Full Version : Best suited developer for PlusX sheet film

21-Oct-2005, 08:26
I'm starting a series of large format high key head shots and I'm using some outdated Plus X that has been in a well kept in a freezer for many years. Does anyone have any recomendations for developers? I know the standard D76 will do the trick, but I'd get an opinion from this group. Thanx!

21-Oct-2005, 08:52
Microdol-X and Plus-X go together like beer and pretzels. Shoot it at ISO=80. Looooooooooooong scale, fantastic sharpness, creamy skin tones, and NO grain.

Scott Davis
21-Oct-2005, 09:38
Pick-a-pyro :)

I'm primarily a PMK Pyro user, but I've heard wonderful things about Pyrocat-HD. No matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, Pyro developers are WONDERFUL for portraits.

Jeff Morfit
21-Oct-2005, 11:02
Wow, someone is either very lucky, or Koday is holding out on its customers. I cannot remember the last time that I saw Plus-X available for sale anywhere.

Paddy Quinn
21-Oct-2005, 11:28
I keep thinking I should buy the 100 sheet box at the camera store - but then what would I do when it's finished...?

rather buy a film that's going to be around (and to tell the truth I was never a huge fan of Plus-X in the first place)

Paul Fitzgerald
21-Oct-2005, 21:05
Hi there,

(J.R., thanks for rubbing salt in the wound) Straight D-76 works well but I second Scott with PMK pyro for Plus-X. Now all you need is an uncoated Heliar to match.

Use it well, there is no more.