View Full Version : Claron-G f11 lens.

14-Dec-1999, 19:24
Any comments on the Schneider Claron-G 270mm f11 process lens? Has anyone moun ted these directly into shutters without having to alter them? Thanks and Happy Holidays Everyone.


sheldon hambrick
15-Dec-1999, 14:07
According to SK Grimes (www.skgrimes.com) some modification is required. I also wrote to Schneider a few months back acking them if the elments screwed directly in to any Coapl shutter and their answer was a very curt "No."

Harold Clark
25-Jan-2000, 17:46
I had a 270WA a while back which I played with on my 8x10, although I didn't expose any film. The coverage didn't seem all that great,I have heard it is no better than a regular G claron. The lens is a 4 element design, as opposed to the 6 element G claron. The Schneider catalogue lists coverage @ 72 degrees. The 210 & 240 WA G clarons are listed @ 80 degrees. The Kowa Graphic 270mm would probably be a much better choice. I have a 210 Kowa, and it covers 8x10 with maximum rise available on a Deardorff (about 70 mm )