View Full Version : Restoration of Large Format Wooden Cameras!

21-Mar-2019, 18:53
I have noticed an increase on the amount of large format cameras made of wood put for sale on the auction site. Many of those are asking for a very high price for really destroyed pieces of rubbish. Since people are buying it, they continue to go up. Some of the people who buy these pieces of crap end up with a project for life because they cannot find the parts. I got one and was ready to toss it on the trash, until I remember I have two Calumet CC400 that nobody wanted to buy. I found the Calumet to be the source a lot of parts, especially the front standard, which I was able to remove and place on an old Century (not the studio) camera. Now, it has shift, tilt, raise/fall, etc. If you are careful and know what you are doing, you end up with an unusual but working camera. So, look at those Calumet, you may need one.

John Earley
22-Mar-2019, 10:00
I have a 5x7 B&J Grover that I brought back from the dead. In addition to the 5x7 back, I used the 4x5 back from a Calumet CC400 to add a revolving back to it.