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Philippe Gauthier
19-Oct-2005, 20:13
Apparently, it's over for Afga Film. Their plan for retructuring failed and they are now being liquidated. Operations should be over by the end of the years. Some parts of the business might be bought by some other companies, but there is nothing sure at the moment.

Of course, Agfa film didn't produce LF film any more, but some will probably regret Rodinal, their papers and some other goodies. At the very least, I will.

Donald Qualls
19-Oct-2005, 20:22
I'd heard they were dropping medium format -- can you post a reference for their complete liquidation?

tim atherton
19-Oct-2005, 21:00

Annie M.
19-Oct-2005, 21:16

There goes my silver paper......... last month a bear demolished two of my cameras and now this... sheesh... I'm ready to bite the dust myself.... : )

Keith Fleming
19-Oct-2005, 21:34
At least be thankful Photographers' Formulary carries its version of the Rodinal formula.

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2005, 00:25
I'm curious....does anyone here know if Tura is part of the Agfa family?

Thilo Schmid
20-Oct-2005, 01:51
Tura is not part of the AGFA Family, but was a Distributor of AGFA Materials. AFAIK, Tura is not producing film and paper themselves any more for years now. They may still be producing color chemicals.

Antonio Corcuera
20-Oct-2005, 01:59
Will this affect Agfa's strong prepress division?

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2005, 08:27
Thanks Thilo. Its sad to see "Big Red" go.

Brian Ellis
20-Oct-2005, 09:19
It's always sad to see a former major player in the traditional photography business disappear. With Kodak dropping b&w paper I guess now it's either a third world company or Ilford. I hope Ilford makes it but I have my doubts.

On a much more local note, I recently photographed with color film for the first time in about 10 years and had it processed by what was a big lab back when I used color film. In those days (as recently as 1995) the place was a madhouse - phones ringing off the hook, counter clerks taking orders and delivering film and prints, customers all over the place, tech people out front helping customers, cash registers buzzing, etc. When I dropped off this batch of color film there was exactly one person behind the counter, the owner. The computers and cash registers were all still sitting there but nobody was using them. I was the only customer and there was total silence everywhere. Very sad.

20-Oct-2005, 10:32

That's exactly how it is with my local pro lab. It used to be that I'd walk in and one of the nameless counterpeople would tell me that, though their ads boasted a 4 hour turn-around for E-6, I could have it in 24 if I really needed it, but it would be a favor to them if they could push it back to 48.

Last time I went in there, in August, I asked how long it would take and the lab manager (not some nameless customer service rep) said, "When do you need it, Jason?".

Bruce Wehman
20-Oct-2005, 10:46
Rodinal stores nicely in the freezer.

Tom Westbrook
20-Oct-2005, 10:59
All may not be entirely lost: www.forbes.com/markets/feeds/afx/2005/10/20/afx2288225.html (http://www.forbes.com/markets/feeds/afx/2005/10/20/afx2288225.html)

John Cook
20-Oct-2005, 13:27
How very sad, despite the fact that it has been many moons since I could get their sheet film. Thanks for the "heads up", Philippe.

On another note, related to the “Pipe Dreams” post, I shall greatly miss their bright orange Agfa ashtrays on the counter of the local camera store.

That place was like a cross between this Forum and Duffey’s Tavern. All the best photographers within fifty miles showed up after work on Friday nights to pass around the latest Leica lens, Rollei TLR attachment and argue about "bromide drag".

Those Agfa ashtrays were even neater than the stuff from Cinzano. Too bad they didn’t make promotional umbrellas...

Brian Ellis
20-Oct-2005, 13:44
Tom - Thanks for posting the link to the Forbes article. Who or what is "Photo Me?"

Janko Belaj
20-Oct-2005, 16:11
http://www.photo-me.co.uk/about.htm (http://www.photo-me.co.uk/about.htm" target="blank)

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2005, 17:09
John Cook,

I know what you mean. I'll cherish my Agfa loupe!

David R Munson
20-Oct-2005, 21:27
As noted by others, I'm just glad that Photographer's Formulary makes their own Rodinal.

21-Oct-2005, 11:42
Our destributeur of Tetenal products is worried too - all Tetenal paper, work, TT etc are all made by Agfa. there goes tetenal as well.....

John Kasaian
21-Oct-2005, 17:26
I see a window of opportunity for someone in the chemical business needing products to pay the utility bills & keep workers employed. I hope some one jumps on this.

21-Oct-2005, 17:32

Yes, it is not LF but represents the end of the end of the company.

J&C is looking like our last hope. Man, I'm thinking of moving there. I kid you not.

Annie M.
21-Oct-2005, 18:36
Well.... I stocked up today on the Agfa Classic paper....the customer service person at L&S told me that Agfa was still shipping but not accepting any new orders.

RJ Hicks
21-Oct-2005, 19:25

21-Oct-2005, 21:23
Someone bought $17,000 worth (or was it 17,000 boxes--same diff) of Agfa Classic from Freestyle, and Rodinal has left the building.

25-Oct-2005, 19:07
Well news out last night is that all 1400 agfa employees worldwide were laid off yesterday and the company is now officially in liquidation.