View Full Version : 58 mm Schneider on Master Technika

David K.
19-Oct-2005, 19:09
Just wondering if anyone has experience with a 58 SAXL on a Master Technika (with a recessed board).

Will the Technika accomodate the 58mm back focus at infinity?

Bob Salomon
20-Oct-2005, 01:24
It requires the Wide Angle Focus Device and a Technika 23 lensboard. It will work on the 2000 without the Wide Angle Focus Device.

20-Oct-2005, 07:06
You can focus the 58mm on a MT (I have both) without the recessed lensboard, but you have to use the back to do it. It's tricky, but it can be done. Note that you have to drop the bed to avoid getting the bed in the foreground. While I haven't done any veriticals with the lens yet, my understanding is that you also have to use a bit of rise to avoid capturing the bed in the foreground.

J. P. Mose
20-Oct-2005, 07:13
I have this setup with the wide angle focusing device....no problems. You can also opt for a 55mm APO Grandagon as well. That is the shortest focal length I know of without going to a 2000 model.

gary mulder
20-Oct-2005, 09:49
With the wide angle focusing device it is not possible to use a center filter. The focusing on the device knob prevents this. A other option; Linhof can put this lens on a special lensboard with helical mount...