View Full Version : Website for 2 bath pyrocat write up suspended (back up now!)

Steven Ruttenberg
16-Mar-2019, 19:13

Any idea if twill be back up?

Ken Lee
16-Mar-2019, 19:25
I worked with the site owner back in 2012 to create the site.

I have sent him an email to see if he is still around.

Steven Ruttenberg
16-Mar-2019, 19:29
Cool. I was looking for the write up on it. Thought I downloaded but can’t find at moment. Would you have a copy? I liked it had all the formulas, mixing and how to do it all in one spot.

Ken Lee
16-Mar-2019, 19:36
Sorry, I do not have any copies of the web pages or other materials which comprise the site.

Hopefully the site owner will reply shortly.

Steven Ruttenberg
16-Mar-2019, 20:04

Roger Thoms
16-Mar-2019, 20:18
Hopefully the site will come back up but if not The Wayback Machine is you friend.




Steven Ruttenberg
16-Mar-2019, 23:10
Seems to be back.

Ken Lee
17-Mar-2019, 05:34
The site owner has restored the site.

Pere Casals
17-Mar-2019, 13:36
There is no problem... this link works perfectly:


Steven Ruttenberg
19-Mar-2019, 09:55
Came back a couple hours after it went t*ts up. All is good in the kingdom now. :)