View Full Version : Where can I buy contact printing frame springs?

Bruce Schultz
19-Oct-2005, 08:28
I bought a Photographer's Formulary 8x10 frame and the springs often detach. Only 4 are working now. Where can I get a better alternative to the springs without buying a new frame?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Oct-2005, 08:51
Doug Kennedy makes and repairs frames. His frames are truly excellent, and the design of the springs much better than the others I have seen.


19-Oct-2005, 08:58
The springs the OP speaks of may not be the kind you see on most contact-print frames.

OP - Can you post a picture of the spring? Just put one on a scanner. Or offer to send the picture of the spring. I've a lot of stuff and might have what you need.

19-Oct-2005, 12:08
You could probably fabricate some with some spring steel, a pair of pliers, tin snips, a file, and a drill.

Jacques Augustowski
19-Oct-2005, 13:30
Made mine from stainless steel.

Doug Kennedy
16-Dec-2005, 11:31
I supply stainless steel springs and all the hardware. I'll even do custom sizes.