View Full Version : (newbie) Why do these negatives look odd?

14-Mar-2019, 16:06

I am a new LF photographer and I recently took my first two exposures with a 4x5 format camera. I had a lab process the negatives, and both the scans show something going wrong (fogging, horizontal lines). I wanted help to identify what could be going wrong.

The film is T-max 400. I asked them for the standard processing of both negatives.
The pictures have a one stop difference in exposure.
The scans are how they came from the lab. The issues in the image are not due to scanning - the negatives show them too.

Here is the link to the photos:

Is there something I am doing wrong while handling the negatives?

Thanks in advance!

14-Mar-2019, 16:16
Based on that link it looks like you should be using darkroom rather than lightroom.

14-Mar-2019, 17:49
You have light fogging of the film, possibly from a light leak at the back of the camera, or a leak in the bellows, or in your handling of the film anywhere from the original box to the film processing.

Doremus Scudder
15-Mar-2019, 10:12
This a a light leak, likely caused by you inadvertently pulling the spring back away from the camera when pulling or inserting the darkslide. It is a rather common problem. Learn to pinch the spring back to the camera body with the fingers and thumb of your free hand when pulling or inserting the darkslide.



Steven Ruttenberg
16-Mar-2019, 17:11
Light leak. I had lots of t hose when I started.