View Full Version : Schneider IIIb Center Filters on 80XL/110XL?

Bernard Languillier
19-Oct-2005, 00:47
Dear all,

I have recently purchased a Schneider 58 mm XL together with the IIIb Center filter that appears to be madatory for such a wide lens.

I noticed recently on the Schneider site that this same filter can be used on the 110 XL (that I own), and on the 80 XL (that I am considering getting in the coming months if finance allows).

I was wondering if any of you had used this center filter on the 80/110, and to what extend they help/work. I find it surprising that one filter is able to correct for the light fall off of 3 different lenses...

Thank you in advance,


Steve Hamley
19-Oct-2005, 03:04

You do not mention format or use, so the technically correct answer is "yes and no". If you're talking 5x7 for the 80mm, or 8x10 for the 110mm, then yes, you do need a center filter.

With the 80mm and 110mm on 4x5, IMO you do not need the center filter unless you are using lots of movements that get you near the edge of the image circle (for example architectural photography), or maybe landscapes with lots of blue sky (western US, deserts) especially with a polarizer where even-toned areas make fall off noticeable.

There are many, many, previous posts regarding center filter use on these particular lenses if you search for them.


Steve Hamley
19-Oct-2005, 03:08

I've also used the 58mm Schneider and the 55mm Rodenstock many times without a center filter. Try it and see.


Leigh Perry
19-Oct-2005, 04:29
Bernard, I agree with Steve that you can sometimes omit the CF on the SS80XL. I've never used it on my SS110XL and have not noticed any falloff. The SA58XL almost always needs the filter IMO, although under some circumstances the falloff can be used as a sort of grad ND filter.

Bernard Languillier
19-Oct-2005, 08:17

Thank you for your kind feedback. I should indeed have done a search before asking, I could find a lot of existing information by doing so.

The intend is 4*5.


John C Murphy
19-Oct-2005, 09:49
This topic comes up here often. Check out this recent discussion:

center filter debate (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/503074.html#565055)

Another member of this forum who is helpful on this topic is
Eric Leppanen (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/showuser.php?uid=6494)

My preference is to use the CND, but many disagree.

Brian Ellis
19-Oct-2005, 14:54
I haven't yet found a need for a center filter with the 80mm SS XL using black and white 4x5 film.

Michael S. Briggs
19-Oct-2005, 15:01
Center filters are designed to approximately and incompletely correct the non-uniform illumination of wide-angle lenses, so it isn't surprising that they will work on several lenses. They aren't designed to make perfectly uniform illumination because it isn't necessary and it would lead to inconveniently long exposure times. Even non-wide angle lenses have some light falloff.

And another link to a previous discussions, with further links: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/501033.html.