View Full Version : CC40Y Filter Use?

12-Mar-2019, 17:08
I am interested in your experience the using a CC40Y filter with MG paper and a diffusion (Aristo) enlarger head. Does this help in getting consistent tonal range? Thanks in advance.

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12-Mar-2019, 17:32
Not perfect but it works.

Steve Goldstein
12-Mar-2019, 17:36
IIRC the CC40Y was recommended for use with the older W45 bulb to even out the spacing of the lower (I think) contrast levels. It's not needed if you have the newer V54 bulb.

Mark Sampson
12-Mar-2019, 18:25
I used one for a long time, then gave it up. My 'normal' contrast filter then became a #1 instead of a #2. If you print grayscales you can quantify the difference. It's probable that the different contrast grades may not be as evenly spaced; I can think of only a couple of negatives in twenty years where that was a problem. If you don't make extremely contrasty negatives, you should be all right without the filter; but if you have one it's a potentially useful tool.