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11-Mar-2019, 09:19
I just got a pack of ancient Ilford Ortho film G8.30, though it would be interesting to play around with.The dimensions on the box are listed as 4" x 5" , 10.2 x 12.7cm. Had a bit of trouble sliding a sheet into a standard holder, in a dark bag, and when I took the exposure the dark slide jammed going back, so I took it off and opened it and notice that the sheet is not wide enough for the holder.

I measured the sheet at 9.7 x 12.2cm compared to a sheet of Foma at 10.0 x12.5cm. I assume that the original stated dimensions are correct so the thought occurred to me that maybe the sheet has shrunk, is that possible, or were 4x5 holders available at that time sized slightly differently?

I guess, as it is orthochromatic, I could cut it down, under red light, to 9 x 12 if I got some holders for that size. Any ideas?


Gary Beasley
11-Mar-2019, 10:05
Get some double stick tape and put a piece in the holder centered near the darkslide slot. That should at least allow putting the darkslide back in if it floats loose.

11-Mar-2019, 11:16
I suspect it is 9x12 film someone stored in 4x5 box?

Kent in SD

Bob Salomon
11-Mar-2019, 11:22
Ancient meaning what? 45 holders havenít changed size.

11-Mar-2019, 11:23
I suspect it is 9x12 film someone stored in 4x5 box?

My first thoughts but the orginal box tapes were intact and the dimensions are larger then 9x12. Anyway, I do have a Graphic 1234 holder that I adapted to hold glass plates and have used it for paper so realise I can use that.

Randy Moe
11-Mar-2019, 11:31
Freestyle used to sell actual size 4X5 Ortho, but now got smart and stopped as I bet there were many returns.

Read this listing carefully.


18-Mar-2019, 00:34
I suspect it is 9x12 film someone stored in 4x5 box?

Kent in SD

Current 9x12 film from Foma is a hair shy of 8.9 x 11.9 cm. The film in question needs trimming on both sides to fit in modern 9x12 cm holders – I just put a ruler on a Toyo 9x12 holder and 12.2 cm on the long side won't fit. Can't check with a Fidelity as they are all loaded at the moment.
Trimming is easy if you have a suitable safelight and a rotary cutter.