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brian steinberger
17-Oct-2005, 20:59
I'm wondering what most people in here are using as their main fine print VC paper ( if they're using VC paper). I'm currently using Ilford MG IV Glossy, but I've heard good things about Oriental, and Bregger, and am open to suggestions. I'm printing with a Dichro 45s on a Beseler 45M frame. Thanks


17-Oct-2005, 21:44
AGFA MC Classic (fiber) and MC Premium (RC) are both absolutely beautiful and responsive papers. I haven't tried Amidol, but they look great in ANSCO 130. Of course, I expect them to disappear from the market within the year.

ronald moravec
17-Oct-2005, 22:00

I intend to try out this VC paper. Notice it does not contain developing agents so it will have the shelf life of paper made years ago. Anthony explains why this has been a cost savings to paper manufactures to our detriment. Ilford confirmed this to me a few years ago before the US service reps were fired.

Ilford MG has a two year life before it fogs.

I`m using their film now. $53 for 100 sheets 4x5.

michael meyer
17-Oct-2005, 22:06
I'll second the Agfa rec. I love Agfa Classic in both the glossy and semi gloss finishes. I've used this paper for a variety of projects, most recently a series of derelict buildings around where I grew up.

Sometimes I want something less warm though, and I was never really happy with any nuetral or cooler papers until I tried Seagull. Right now I'm printing (reprinting, actually, a few sizes up from my initial prints of this particular series) on Seagull VC glossy paper and it is great. A bit harder to print on than Ilford MG, but worth the extra effort for me as I was never very keen on MG IV. It's relatively nuetral color (Dektol as dev and then a very dilute selenium toner) is really working with my current imagery.

Side note: come see the prints this weekend if you're in NYC during my open studio (http://www.michaelmeyerphoto.com" target="blank) on the 22nd and 23rd. I'll even pull out prints on Seagull, Agfa and Bergger if you'd rather take paper than pictures. Or you can check out my mural printing setup... (Yes, mural printing in my apartment in NYC, I'm nuts.) Anything to make my visitors happy.

Craig Wactor
18-Oct-2005, 01:45
Forte Elegence is my favorite, in Dektol. I've seen some people have a print come out with some wacky mottled texture with Forte, but it has never happened to me. It is a very cool tone paper that will turn a magnificent rich brown-black in selenium.
I have also seen some nice prints made with both of the new arista papers from freestyle. They are made by kentmere and foma, and are dirt cheap.

Oren Grad
18-Oct-2005, 06:29
Ilford MG has a two year life before it fogs.

I've had paper from Kodak, Agfa and Bergger die of old age, but never Ilford - I've had leftovers of Ilford MG paper of various types as old as 8-10 years that are still fine.

Benno Jones
18-Oct-2005, 09:54
I love Bergger, both the neutral and warm tone glossy papers. The warm gets a great split tone in KRST1:9 with the darks developing a deep rust color that works very well in a number of my shots. The neutral gets a nice purple tone as well at the 1:9 dilution. I develop mostly in Dektol 1:6 with 1 oz Benzotriazole (10 grams in 1 litre water, is that a 10% solution?) per 1/2 gallon. I've also had good results on Oriental and Agfa Classic. I only use Ilford MGIV for fast test prints anymore.

Scott Davis
18-Oct-2005, 10:02
I've been a big fan of the Bergger warmtone papers, but they recently decreased paper weight on their double-weight paper (from 320 to 260 gsm) but didn't change their advertising or announce the product change in any way. This prompted me to try some other paper, and found Kentmere. I really like the neutral tone of the Kentmere, and I think it has a wider tonal range at any given grade than the Bergger does. Plus, Kentmere is cheaper!!! :D . I also tried the Foma Chamois finish triple-weight (calling it triple weight is a bit of a stretch...). It is a warm, cream-colored base with a neutral emulsion. It is also a very slow emulsion - about three stops slower than the Kentmere, but it is great for the right subject.

Nick Morris
18-Oct-2005, 10:59
I cast my vote for Agfa Multicontrast Classic as well, both semi-matte and glossy. My favorite paper overall. I also like Forte's Polywarmtone with ivory base, but find it harder to work with. Some negatives seem to work very well with it, for others , not so well. It responds differently to process variations than the Agfa.

Eric Woodbury
18-Oct-2005, 12:12
Two years ago I was looking for a VC paper, that had good blacks, a little warmth, good color without toning. I tried over 12 different papers. Bergger VC CB is now my favorite. Out of all the different papers, it was the one that really stood out and met my requirements. I didn't at that time try the new Kentmere papers as they were not available.

18-Oct-2005, 12:42
Forte PG V - tones very nicely in Selenium.

David Karp
18-Oct-2005, 14:08
Such a subjective thing. Different people like different things.

For extreme variation between the least and most contrasty filter, nothing I have seen compares to Ilford MGIV FB glossy. Hard to beat for an all purpose paper in my opinion. Harder to selenium tone than others though.

Oriental VCFB glossy is a beautiful paper.

Agfa MC Classic is a nice, slightly warm toned paper with a clean base. I like it when I want a warmer tone. It is not super warm toned, which I like. I am not usually a warm toned paper fan.

Kentmere VC fiber is beautiful. The surface has a beautiful texture. It is also very fast, if you have a dense negative. The range between least and most contrast appears to be less than with Ilford. Just a great, relatively unknown paper. If you ever tried Luminos Flexicon Fiber, you know this paper.

So that is what I think for whatever it is worth.