View Full Version : will #5 shutter work with wisner

daniel mcclenaghan
14-Dec-1999, 16:52
Does anyone here use a 250mm wide field ektar with a wisner 8x10? i was looking at their website and they only sell lensboards for 0,1,3 size shutters. i have a kodak 2d but I'm thinking of upgrading to the wisner traditional for some front tilt and an all around nicer camera. Any help would be appreciated. thanks,daniel mcclenaghan

Steve Rosen
14-Dec-1999, 19:16
Why don't you call Ron Wisner at (800) 848-0448 . I would think he would know the answer

15-Dec-1999, 00:07
Yes, according to information on thier site, the boards are 5 1/4" square. This is ample for a No. 5 Ilex, I presume all no. 5's are the same dimensions. Presumably they don't list boards larger than a No. 3 because of the limited demand. There is no big trick, if you are reasonably handy with tools, to drilling your own holes in a blank board, I am sure they supply blank boards. Ask around and you may have an aquaintance that is capable of drilling the holes, or even constructing the boards. I have done both with great success and am by no means a "craftsman".

Sergio Ortega
15-Dec-1999, 12:04

I use a Kodak 10" WF Ektar on that Wisner board with no problem. It's a big shu tter and lens, but the camera can handle it with no problem.

Instead of the usual lens/shutter attachment method, common with more modern shu tters, like the Copals, this lens uses a threaded flange/ring, with a lip that i s screwed directly onto the front of the lens board with small wood screws. The lens/shutter combination is then mounted by threading it directly onto this fla nge/ring which has already been permanently attached to your lensboard.

When you get the lens, measure the outside diameter of the mounting flange/ring and have your board drilled to that size. The hole will not have to be rabbeted around the perimeter of the opening on the inside surface of the board to accom odate the usual Copal-type mounting ring.

I hesitate to give you the hole dimension for my particular lens/shutter since y ours might be different. The hole size will not correspond to the usual Copal 0 , 1, 3 dimensions. And unless you have another lens that attaches in the same f ashion, into a similarly sized hole, the lensboard will not be usable for any ot her lenses once drilled for the 10" WF Ektar.

It's a great lens for 8x10. Good luck, Sergio.