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5-Mar-2019, 07:13
Hello Everyone,

I just registered to the forum and this is my very first post in this forum.
If this is not the correct place for my question please be so kind and point me to the right place.

So far I shot approx. 100 sheets with my Sinar F2. Of course I made all the initial mistakes but I am still getting better, some images turned out quite nice.
My problem is that I have on my latest two sheets a strange diagonal dark line across the entire frame. Maybe somebody else have had that issue before and could help me solving problem. Please find below a image of one affected picture.


Sinar F2
Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 150mm f/5.6
ISO 50 f16 / 1/4 sec
Fomapan 100 4x5
SP-445 Compact 4x5
D76 1+1 / 10min / 30sec initial agitation / 10sec every minute

Many thanks for your great support.
Kind regards

5-Mar-2019, 07:26
Hi Oliver, and welcome aboard.

It looks like you had a strap or some such hanging down in front of the lens.

- Leigh

Louis Pacilla
5-Mar-2019, 07:30
Cable release?

5-Mar-2019, 07:32
Cable release?

I'm going with this as well ;)

5-Mar-2019, 07:35
Cable release?


5-Mar-2019, 07:35
Hello Leigh,

many thanks for your very prompt reply. I thought of that as well but of course that would be to simple. :-) Don't know how the cable release could have made it in front of the lens.
Maybe I am just panicking and try to find something which is not there. Please find below the second frame below.


I can see some dark marks as well pointing into the other direction.Maybe not?


Doremus Scudder
5-Mar-2019, 11:26
Looks like the cable release to me as well. I've done this a time or two myself.

Best and Welcome,


6-Mar-2019, 06:45
Many thanks for the replies.
I will pay special attention to my cable release now.

FYI: I just scanned the remaining sheets of the trip and none of it has had the dark marks.
Hence, most likely it was my own stupidity to let the cable release dangle in front of the lens.


Gary Beasley
6-Mar-2019, 07:28
Ive had that happen with a cable release too short to loop back out of the way. A long one you can lay through a handgrip or whatever so it hangs out the back is great, easier to stay where you can see the scene from the cameras perspective when you are ready to shoot.