View Full Version : E6 developing problem!!

4-Mar-2019, 09:20
Hi, please I need your help.
I developed my first Fuji Provia roll with e6 process and it's a complete mess. It's dark and green, and the marks are very hard to read. Do you know what I did wrong? Are maybe the chemicals to old (I bought them 1 year ago).
Thank you for your help!


Steven Ruttenberg
4-Mar-2019, 11:24
When you bought them, did you open the bottles? How were they stored? Also, what were your temps for the two color developers, blix? If you develop them with too low temps, I think you will get a color shift, but I think that is like a magent or something. If you presoak, was the presoak same temp as developers?

8-Mar-2019, 17:37
I have had film turn out like that by mistakenly using the two developers in the wrong order.

I have also gotten color casts (not like you have pictured) by forgetting to wash between.

But I think you have bad chemicals or used them out of order.

Bob Salomon
8-Mar-2019, 20:59
Blix in the developer can cause this.