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17-Oct-2005, 16:00
Do the Quickload and Readyload holders stick way out of the side of the camera like a Polaroid holder? Can they be used to expose Polaroid film which can be taken home for later developing?

17-Oct-2005, 16:14
Yes and no.

Dean Tomasula
17-Oct-2005, 16:54
The ReadyLoad holder sticks out of the side of the camera. Not "way out" but I'd say about 1 1/2 inch or so. You can't use Polaroids in a ReadyLoad holder.

17-Oct-2005, 16:55
I don't shoot 4x5 on a regular basis, so I can't be too much help.

But here at RIT, all of the 4x5 kits that can be signed out have the old, beat up Polaroid 500 holders. They use those not only for Polaroid, but also readyloads and quickloads. Nobody seems to care what the manufacturers or magazines say can work and what they say cant.

17-Oct-2005, 17:20
quick ref for what can use what:

www.robertwhite.co.uk/Large%20accessories.htm#Labelsheet (http://www.robertwhite.co.uk/Large%20accessories.htm#Labelsheet)

Eric Leppanen
17-Oct-2005, 17:39
www.butzi.net/reviews/readyquick.htm (http://www.butzi.net/reviews/readyquick.htm)