View Full Version : How to control film/paper during 'taco' processing

3-Mar-2019, 04:55
I presently use a Jobo 2500 tank and 2509 reel for [one-shot] processing film and paper negatives.
BUT it is a hassle getting the film/paper negative onto the reel.

Therefore I'm think of trying 'taco' processing of my 4x5 film and paper negatives.
I understand that the film/paper negative is 'rolled so that the emulsion side is inwards BUT how is the taco retained in the open 'C' configuration,
and how is interweaving of the individual sheets prevented?

Paper clips could scratch the emulsion surface and go rusty. Rubber bands rot and/or leave residue.
What do you [the reader] use??


3-Mar-2019, 08:39
Hi- I’ve used those fabric hair bands to keep the film rolled, just remember to roll them a scootch one direction or another halfway thru the fix, and again during the wash so you dont get a line across your neg. I could fit 4 sheets in a standard stainless 4-reel can but it was tight- 2 or 3 sheets is great.

Chauncey Walden
3-Mar-2019, 14:19
Or find an old Kodak taco tank: https://www.stearmanpress.com/page17.html

8-Mar-2019, 17:40
There is another thread on this right now regarding the tacos and also use of a 3D printer insert for tanks. I have the finished printed insert for the 2 reel tank I will try soon.