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Jon Wilson
17-Oct-2005, 13:13
I am Soooooooo Happyyyyyyyyyyy having just received my V-8 in the mail today. It is old, it is well used, and in need of new bellows or at the least a temporary patch job, BUT...........it is so exciting. I had previously purchased an extension box with a packard shutter and now have the V-8 to go with it. It not only has the 8x10 back (although missing the ground glass), but a 4x5 back too! This is actually my 3rd 8x10, (a Korona & a Kodak 2D 8x10 w/ 4x5, 5x7 & 8x10 backs)but it is truly the one which has brought a big smile to my face. OH NO! The Boss/Better Half has just walked in and she has told me my "extra" and nonessential LF "goodies" which have been acquired over the last 2+ years must go to off set the expenses of this addiction. Oh, so true, but LF rehab is cheaper than other alternatives! Keep an eye on APUG classified ads! Take care all! I truly have enjoyed my learning curve, albeit expensive, on this forum and hope it continues for many years to come! LONG LIVE FILM!

Donald Brewster
17-Oct-2005, 13:38
Just wait until she sees the 11x14 Deardorff next year . . . .

Robert Skeoch
17-Oct-2005, 15:03
Congratulations. Personally I've found LF to be additive like crack... only more expensive.
-Rob Skeoch

Jim Galli
17-Oct-2005, 15:56
Long live old V8's! Sure they guzzle gas but you don't have to put up with so many smog devices. Flatheads Forever!

o, was this post about a camera? oops, sorry.

Bruce E. Rathbun
17-Oct-2005, 17:03
"Congratulations. Personally I've found LF to be additive like crack... only more expensive".

No kidding. Crack MUST be cheaper...8x20/11x14 film, Azo,Amidol, road trips. What the heck is an addict to do? Only way I know to kick the habit is to hit the road and keep shooting. I could always sell a print now and then (denial)?


17-Oct-2005, 17:45
Bruce, If you think that's expensive wait until you get addicted to pt/pd. I always wait until I'm half way through a bottle of beaujolais before I call my order into Kevin at B&S. Eases the pain a little.

Jeremy Moore
17-Oct-2005, 18:24
Just got my 8x10 Deardorff last week. Already addicted!

Ed Sandifer
17-Oct-2005, 18:32

However, don't throw away that old bellows before you try to repair it. Use a flashlight inside the bellows to find the light leaks and dab the leaks with black 'Liquid Tape' by Performix corporation. I bought mine at an auto parts store. It works great! And isn''t sticky when dry. Put it on lightly and apply multiple layers if needed.

Keep an eye open for bargain sheet film holders and keep your holders clean... use anti-static bags to store your holders in at all times. Let me know and I will send some of my extra bags to you. Believe me when I say that nothing will break your heart like a beautifully exposed negative of a great subject with dozens of dust blemishes permanently burned into the film. This is the one piece of advice I wish I had had when starting out.


Bruce E. Rathbun
17-Oct-2005, 19:01
Far too late for that Robert. I am into a batch of Ziatype. Hooked for good on both Azo and "the dark side". Looks like another trip to the pawn shop.


17-Oct-2005, 22:20
Donald, Are you the one who ordered the 11x14 from jack deardorff through midwest photo a few months ago?

Jeremy Moore
18-Oct-2005, 09:32

Where are you getting your anti-static bags from?

Ed Sandifer
18-Oct-2005, 10:19

I've ordered three times from this company with no problems and quick service:

Don't buy the 10"x14" size as it is too small for an 8x10 holder. The 12"x15" size is a bit large, but will easily hold two film holders.

Jon Wilson
18-Oct-2005, 12:23
Thanks everyone for your input....especially you Ed. I just ordered batch of the larger anti-static bags and am going to the local hardware store to look for the "liquid tape".

BTW, I did get a fast response from Ken Hough who advised my new (ssn2626) V-8 was sold to a Kodak photography store in LA on June 7, 1959.

NOW, I have replaced my 8x10 glass in the back which was missing and hope to get my BEAUTY purring before the weekend. ALSO, I have a lot of saving to do for Ken to do a bellows replacement and other fine tuning,e.g., rail replacements, etc as may be needed.

LF may be as addictive as crack, but as a defense attorney.....I can assure you the sentence imposed in LF is far better than what one gets with an actual Crack Habit.

GOOD LIGHT to all!

18-Oct-2005, 23:50

Congratulations on the new purchase! :)

I just received my refurbished 5x7 Dorff with a 4x5 reducing back last week. Now, I'm in the throws of buying film holders for it. Both wood and plastic versions are on their way. :)

In my search for 5x7 Provia, one of the fine forum members recommended Megaperls Webshop based in Japan. They even have Velvia in 5x7 size! :) Wow!

Having said that... I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the price. Am I reading that right?... CDN$135 for a 20 sheet pack of Provia! I rubbed my eyes but, alas, the price remained the same!!! :)

I'll order a few boxes just to have them on hand but I think I'll be shooting B&W more often than color in 5x7 format. It looks like Provia 4x5 will be the order of the day with the reducing back. :) Thank god one came with the camera! :)

Yikes... and I thought wine was expensive!!! :)

Cheers all! :)

Jon Wilson
20-Oct-2005, 19:29
As a follow up on the Anti-Static Bags which Ed linked us up to, my order was delivered in 48 hours. Excellent price and service. the Pink Anti-Static Zipper Bags 12" x 15" mil. definitely will hold two 8x10 film holders. Check it out: <www.staticbags.com>

Jon Wilson
20-Oct-2005, 19:33
Lost the link, go to: www.staticbags.com