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16-Oct-2005, 16:47
I'm looking for a nice lightweight 8x10 filed camera and I've seen the Phillips model. It looks sweet but does anyone know how much they sell for?

Oren Grad
16-Oct-2005, 17:20
I think Dick's been selling them for around $2800, perhaps someone who has bought one recently will have current pricing. Unless you happen to catch him with an unsold one at the end of a production cycle, though, you can count on waiting about a year.

There is a nice-looking 8x10 Compact II up on eBay at the moment, item #7554554344. (No, I don't have any connection with the seller.)

tim atherton
16-Oct-2005, 17:31
that one seems to come with the fuji 250mm lens, which is sweet... (as is the camera) - that's a nice all round 8x10 starter kit :-)

clay harmon
16-Oct-2005, 19:01
The Phillips 8x10's are great. Simple, rigid and lightweight. Can't go wrong with one of them unless you are doing a ton of close-up work and need a whole lot of bellows extension.

Michael Mutmansky
16-Oct-2005, 20:01

The Phillips cameras are possibly the best field cameras on the market, unless you are a very long lens shooter, or a very wide lens shooter.

The camera is light, very rigid, well made, and well supported by Dick. There's a reason they often sell for as much used as they do new.

My Phillips experience has included the 8x10 Explorer, the 8x10 Compact II, and currently 7x17 and 4x5 models. I'm very pleased with them, and right now, I feel that I will be very satisfied with the cameras I have for a very long time to come. That's another reason they are very dear on the used market, as people just don't want to part with them much.


16-Oct-2005, 20:24
I think they were just over $3,000 for this year's cameras ($3,200?) Dick took orders starting January 1st. I was lucky enough to buy a used one (similar in style to the one on ebay-the focusing control is different for current ones)

I can use a SS110XL on mine with no problems, so wide angle isn't a problem unless you want to use a 75mm Hypergon. As with many Phillips owners, I love it. It's quirky, but once you get used to it, operating it is no problem at all.

Bobby Sandstrom
17-Oct-2005, 00:00
I'm going to be selling my Wehman 8x10 soon. I recently bought a 14x17 and love the thing. The wehman is very light and rock solid. Another great camera is the tachihara 8x10. A little heavier but a dream to use.

Michael Mutmansky
17-Oct-2005, 06:51

That's not entirely correct. Because it does not have an interchangable bellows, if you are using a wide angle lens and try to apply more than a bit of rise, you can have difficulty gettingkeeping the bellows out of the picture, and it can limit the amount of rise you have to work with.

This is true with 210mm and 150mm focal lengths, and in my case applies mostly to architectural subject matter, where a good bit of rise is often desirable to correct keystoneing effects.

The 110XL does work with the camera, but you have to be careful to keep the front bed out of the picture, and I'm not sure you can do it when the back is in vertical position. Dick has changed the screw positions on the bed to facilitate the 110XL a bit better, so that may have eliminated that on some cameras.


17-Oct-2005, 07:24
Bobby, What model 14x17 did you buy?

Roger Richards
17-Oct-2005, 08:06
I just got a new 8x10 Explorer from Dick Phillips three days ago and my first impression is that it one of the finest examples of camera engineering I have ever seen (I also own an Ebony 4x5 and the focusing mechanism of the Explorer is much smoother by comparison). The Explorer is horizontal-only and weighs only 5.9 lbs. The current model is designed to accept Technika and Walker lens boards.

I ended up with his camera by pure happenstance. The previous 8x10 I had purchased, a Tachihara double extension, while quite a nice camera, was a bit heavy for my intended purposes. I read Michael Mutmansky's review on the Explorer and decided to give Dick Phillips a call in late August. It turned out that he was finishing up working on a couple of Explorers that folks had dropped off the list, so were free to go to a 'new home', so to speak. I believe that Dick has an available Explorer now. The 8x10 Compact II's are all spoken for.

Let me also say that dealing with Dick Phillips was a pleasure. He is a real gentleman.

Donald Brewster
17-Oct-2005, 12:35
Mr. Phillips also keeps a list of people who have let him know they are trying to sell their cameras. You might have some luck that way as well. My 4x5 Phillips is a marvelous piece of equipment.

bob woitaszewski
17-Oct-2005, 12:56
Do they have website where one can look at specs..etc?

tim atherton
17-Oct-2005, 13:08
Nope :-)

Either give Dick Phillips a call, or check out the (slightly limited) on this site (note that specs often change slightly from one production run to another, with incremental improvement takign place):



Gregory Gomez
17-Oct-2005, 14:21

If you're interested, I am selling my Phillips 8x10, which is in absolutely mint condition. It weighs nine pounds and has 30 inches of bellows draw. You can e-mail me for details.

Best regards,


Michael Jones
17-Oct-2005, 14:48
After owning three Phillips and a slug of others, this is one 8x10 camera you actually can buy on "faith" after deciding whether you need a reversing back or not (that is, do I want a Compact II or an Explorer?). Other cameras may out "spec" them, but the others do not compare for intuitive use and rigidity. They are without comparison, IMHO.

Oren Grad
17-Oct-2005, 15:28
If you're considering buying an 8x10 Phillips used, be sure you know exactly which version is being offered. Not only are there minor variations among the recent Compact II and Explorer models, there were earlier 8x10 models as well (Compact, Advantage, and possibly others too) with different specifications. Given my experience with Dick I'm sure they're all fine cameras (I think my older 8x10 Compact is wonderful!), it's just a matter of making sure that what you buy will meet your expectations in terms of weight and precise feature mix.

Howard Berg
17-Oct-2005, 16:37
I purchased the Compact II this year and the price: $2,840.00. Ditto on others: Dick is a pleasure to work with.

19-Oct-2005, 01:55

I've been using a 8x10 SINAR P2 in the studio alot, but outside it is a beast to cart around. So I'm looking for a Phillips 8x10 to use on location. If anyone has one for sale or knows of one second hand for sale please contact me bart@baltronics.com.au


19-Oct-2005, 04:01
What Roger told, is ecaxtly what happened to me , though three or four years ago. Thank's to
Michael Mutmansky, whos review was the trigger to buy this camera without ever seeing one.

Here, at http://www.janeerala.net/gallery/ , theres a little gallery of true situatinos with the Compact II.

Jan, Finland.

Roger Richards
19-Oct-2005, 14:17
Nice photos in your galleries, Jan. The camera looks pretty nice, too ;-)

I spoke to Dick Phillips yesterday afternoon and mentioned to him this thread on his cameras. He was pleased to hear the excellent rep his cameras have. A real decent man, he is. I would buy another camera from him in a heartbeat.

5-Nov-2005, 08:33
Bobby, I read through this thread just yesterday and noticed that you might be selling your Wehman in the next little while. I'm looking for one, so if you do decide to sell it, would you please get in touch. I tried your e-mail listing here to send direct mail but it didn't work. Thanks, Cindy