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MIke Sherck
23-Feb-2019, 13:42
On a whim I bought a bottle of Arista Premium liquid film developer frpm my local camera store today. I want to try it as a liquid replacement for D76 on Tmax400 and Ildord HP5+ 4x5 sheet film (tray processing). All I can find online is a development time of 8 minutes for the Tmax 400 and 7 minutes for the HP5+. Nothing about capacity. Would just treating it as D76 be safe, do you think? If anyone has additional information on this or on Clayton F76 (I've read that they make this for Freestyle,) I would appreciate it.


23-Feb-2019, 13:48

MIke Sherck
24-Feb-2019, 09:33
I saw that, thanks. Everything I've found for this developer seems to be in reference to roll film. I'm hoping there's nothing about it that makes it go wonky in trays, like Tmax developer. Also, I have found with powder mixed D76 that TMX and TMY sheet film looks better with continuous gentle arbitration in trays that with periodic agitation. Just curious whether anyone else has tried it.


Bruce Barlow
24-Feb-2019, 09:41
I like Clayton F76 a lot. PhotoNet sez it's rebranded F76.