View Full Version : Between 55 and 80mm : 72 XL ?

15-Oct-2005, 12:19
Hi all,

I have a 80mm Schneider and a 55 Rodenstock.

Sometimes I feel the 80 mm is a bit short or lacks image circle. But the 55 is then too wide and has a small IC.

A 65mm would be the same as the 55 in IC terms.

Would the Schneider 72XL be a solution ? Isn't it too close to the 80 mm ?


Wilbur Wong
15-Oct-2005, 13:11
You're kidding me, right?

If you think 80 is a bit short without much image circle, why are you talking about a 65 or 72?

and since you have the 55, I would crop in the darkroom.

If you are using these in the field for your P2, just add them all to the load that the sherpa is carrying. (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Eric Leppanen
15-Oct-2005, 17:03

It's not clear what your objectives are. What exactly do you find lacking in your current 55-80 lens combination?

If you want maximum coverage, then the 72XL is the way to go. But it makes little sense to own both the 72 and the 80, as these are virtually identical focal lengths.

If you want a lens wider than 72 or 80, then none of the available lenses has much coverage, so you simply select the lens with the angle of view you prefer. But if you decide to go with the 72, then owning a 65 doesn't work since there is not enough difference versus the 72. Even 65-80 is awfully close in my book.

Frankly, I think your current set-up is really nice one. I own an SA58XL and SS80XL and I've been very happy with these lenses.

Jack Brady
16-Oct-2005, 05:31
Question of Sharpness below f11 with the 80XL:
I was at a camera dealers the other day and mentioned that I had just purchased the Schneider SS 80XL and was looking forward to getting a chance to shoot with it next week. The dealer was rather insistant that the lens is not sharp below f11 - as I have not shot a frame with it yet I could not discuss the issue with the chap.
Has anyone found this to be valid?

Eric Leppanen
16-Oct-2005, 07:28
When the 80XL first shipped there were some lenses that were soft when wide open, causing some difficulty in focusing. However, this issue was quickly fixed and even these early lenses were quite sharp when stopped down. As for the 80XL not being sharp below (i.e., at smaller apertures than) f11, that's a bunch of bunk. It's as sharp or sharper as any wide-angle lens I've used, and provides quite a bit of coverage for its modest size. Just do a quick search of the archives here, and you'll find a lot of praise for this lens.

Frank Petronio
16-Oct-2005, 08:32
It sounds like you are suffering from an excess of cash. I'd be thrilled to have either a 72XL or a combo of 55/58 and 80/90 modern German lenses.

Bruce Watson
16-Oct-2005, 10:57
I'll second what Eric says about the 72mm.

Jack, my 80mm SS-XL is really sharp. I've shot at f/8 with it and it's just as sharp as f/16 or f/22. The previous owner told me that this lens was one of the ones that got sent back to Schneider because of this problem. Whatever it was, it's fixed now. Damn fine lens. I just wish I had more occasion to use it (not many wide open vistas on the east coast ;-)