View Full Version : Kodak 8x10 Commercial View (metal) lens board ?

15-Oct-2005, 09:22
I am looking for a Copal #0 lens board for this camera, and wonder what other cameras (in particular the Kodak 2D) use the same lens boards. Please note that this is for the "Commercial View" (magnesium), not the Master View. Thanks in advance for any info.

Mike Chini
15-Oct-2005, 09:29
I had a lens mounted on a standard 6x6 Ansco wooden board and it works fine. So I would look for wooden Agfa Ansco boards if all else fails.

15-Oct-2005, 10:27
What are the dimensions of the board? 4"x4" by chance?

N Dhananjay
15-Oct-2005, 10:30
Yes, I believe the 2D boards will work on the Commercial. At least, I have used the contraption designed for front tilts on the Commercial (the one which has a lensboard that fits into the camera and has an auxiliary bellows terminating in another standard that accepts lensboards) on a 2D with no problems. So, I think the lensboards are interchangeable. Good luck, DJ

Brian Ellis
15-Oct-2005, 15:59
I've owned both the Commercial View and the 2D (not at the same time). I believe the boards are interchangeable. In fact I think any 6" x 6" board should work fine in the Commercial View.

16-Oct-2005, 13:41
Thanks all. jj, as others mentioned, the lens board is 6 inches by 6 inches.