View Full Version : C41 Respiratory Protection ?

21-Feb-2019, 00:25
After starting to develop my own C41 film recently, it is my impression that some respiratory protection would be more advisable for this kind of color work than in the case of using b&w material. What is your experience? Do people developing color film wear protective devices (from your local DIY market or like the ones shown via this handy link to the website of the CDC)? Or do you consider ventilation sufficient?
Thank you very much!

21-Feb-2019, 03:10
I don't see the need for more protection than with B&W.

Mark Crabtree
21-Feb-2019, 07:36
If mixing from powder I'd prefer some protection. Otherwise, ventilation and keeping your hands out of the soup is probably enough, but you should read the caution statements and with the product to help make a decision.

Mark Sampson
21-Feb-2019, 09:52
I operated a C-41 processor for more than twenty years when I worked at Kodak. We mixed chemistry 25 gallons at a time. The chemistry is all liquid- no powders. The lab was well ventilated and there was no need for respirators... I did my best not to poke my nose into the mixing tank though. Wear gloves and an apron or lab coat; and consult Kodak about safe handling of the chemicals. It's been a few years and my memory is not the most accurate guide.

21-Feb-2019, 10:05
like Mark and Koraks, I don't use any respiratory stuff with C41. Generally there seems to be no need to do so. most of the time the chemicals are relatively sealed up as much as possible anyway (since esp. the dev will oxidize quickly.)


21-Feb-2019, 11:13
Thank you very much for your helpful answers! I wasn't sure what to do with a light irritation in my nose yesterday night after I developed a couple of sheets. Probably it had another cause; I'll open the window a bit more next time :-)

Honestly, being experienced in developing my own B&W I've been delighted to find out that C41 is so easy - once you find a way to keep the temperature at 38C constantly. It's not creative at all, but the quality is fine and it saves €€€ (here in Berlin color processing is €5.36 per sheet 4x5" currently).

- Norbert