View Full Version : What year is my Contica camera

Frank Wilson
13-Oct-2005, 12:35
I have a Contica Camera I think that is made by KW Kamera werks. Am I correct. As of today its listed on EBAY as Contax Contica. I think Contax had something to do with this camera by its looks

Bob Salomon
13-Oct-2005, 14:39
"I think Contax had something to do with this camera by its looks"

Contax was a camera model not a manufacturer. And is this a large format camera? Contax was a 35mm system.

Mike Kovacs
13-Oct-2005, 16:01
No I'm pretty certain this is a 35mm camera from the 50's. Not a common one for sure, and certainly not a Zeiss Ikon which is the company that made Contax. (of which I have a few)

Dan Fromm
13-Oct-2005, 16:06
Are you sure it isn't a Practax? More seriously, I doubt that any branch of Zeiss, east zone or west zone, had anything to do with it.

Terence McDonagh
13-Oct-2005, 18:27
Given that Frank has no other posts, is unaware this is a LF forum and has "ebay" in his e-mail address, I am going to go out on a limb and say this post is really just an ad.

29-Oct-2005, 11:08
Your camera was made by Praktica an was for export only