View Full Version : Removing residual marks on fibre prints.

14-Feb-2019, 01:39
Hi all,

I have a couple of prints with some small annoying marks, not sure where from but Id like them gone if possible without having to rewash.

Would a Naptha type solution work, such as the liquid used for wet scanning?

Any learned knowledge would be appreciated!

Tin Can
14-Feb-2019, 07:30
57 read this with no reply.

This is difficult and not easy. An art print restoration expert is required.

The first step would be figuring out what made the marks.

Using the wrong solvent may destroy the print.

Rewash in clean water is the best solvent as it known as the universal solvent.

Or find a retoucher that will try it. They are very rare in this century.

Personally I would immediately copy the valued prints with DSLR AND 4X5 film.

bob carnie
14-Feb-2019, 09:10
Q tip and distilled water may take off the mark, sometimes you get them from the bottom of your dev trays.

14-Feb-2019, 09:18
Hard to give any suggestions without seeing the "marks." Are they stains? Local bleaching works well, but you'll need to soak before and rewash the prints after.

14-Feb-2019, 11:13
Thanks for the feedback. It’s definitely residue, not staining, could be from the developer tray I guess, I was putting the prints in face down so in the future I’ll do face up.

I’ll try the distilled water and q tip suggestion. I’ll try it on a test print first then fully dry the print to see if it works.

If I get time I’ll attach an image of the marks.

15-Feb-2019, 14:27
PEC-12 from Photographic Solutions maybe ?
I never used it, but museum conservator friend recommended it to me years ago.