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steve simmons
13-Oct-2005, 08:41
There is a photo store in London called Silver something that sells film, paper, etc. How can I contact them?

steve simmons

tim atherton
13-Oct-2005, 08:52

steve simmons
13-Oct-2005, 09:36

steve simmons

Pete Watkins
13-Oct-2005, 15:38
Silverprint carry a good stock of film, paper and other photographic equipment (to be honest they carry the best stock in the U.K.), parking is possible but keep an eye on the monitor screens in the store, film is stored as it should be. The staff are helpful. Ordering by post can be a bit laid back (this is possibly an understatement) but if you're in London and need "stuff" the shop is well worth a visit. The shop must do great trade from Monday to Friday 'cos they are closed on Saturdays. For those of us who live 120 miles from the shop and have to work five days a week this is a problem but never mind.
A good source of chemicals is a company called Rayco, the company has recently relocated from Barnsley in the north of England to the midlands, Rayco's phone number is 01283-763768, apart from ordering goods from this company I have no connection with them.