View Full Version : Toyo Robos - stability compared to Sinar P

tor kviljo
13-Oct-2005, 08:05
Looking for a stable 4"x5" monorail standard for a bits & pieces camera I am putting together, I have traced down a Toyo Robos standard in as-new condition. However, unable to inspect the item (it's overseas), I have searched the 'net for info - but with little luck. I understand that the Robos were a high-end camera in Toyo's line, but dissappeared rather quickly. Does anyone out there know more about the Robos' it's build quality & stability?. It's supposed to ride on standard Toyo rails, but I see that the older Omega rails is often found cheaper. Can any one confirm if the Toyo & Omega rails are identical in dimensions - I have heard that the cheaper Toyo & Omega's were more or less the same camera.


Steve Hamley
13-Oct-2005, 09:40
Call or e-mail Jim Andracki at Midwest photo Exchange. He has (or had) a Robos for years that he couldn't sell and he usually has a good selection of Sinar stuff passing through. If anyone would know the answers to your questions, he would. www.mpex.com