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11-Feb-2019, 17:29
Just received my Kodak Rapid Fixer with hardening (two bottles: solution A & solution B.) I intend to only use this to process the Lane plates from the early batches. (After batch #17 I intend to use tf4 same as I do for film?) I will be using this in the SP-445 tank. So, I develop the plates with HC-110 for 5 minutes at 68F. Then what? Running water stop bath for ~4 minutes? The fixer instructions call for a stop bath, but it goes on to say this is to lengthen the life of the fixer. I don't care about that. So, in the fixer for 4 minutes, then archival water rinse? Gentle tank inversions at all stages? I'm I on the right track here?

Or, would I actually be much better off trying tray processing (which I haven't tried yet but do have red light) rather than the SP-445 for these earlier emulsion batches? I am excited to try it. It's putting me one step closer to my goal of learning wet plate this year.

Kent in SD

Mark Sampson
11-Feb-2019, 20:25
Seems about right to me. One minute of running water as a stop bath should be sufficient, though. The part B hardener, IIRC, is sulfuric acid; it serves to harden the emulsion so it won't slide off the base when wet. If you don't let anything touch the wet emulsion you may not need the part B. Not using it should decrease the washing time as well... but only testing will answer that. i don't know anything about these plates, though, and how they might differ from modern sheet film. I'd consult with the manufacturer.

11-Feb-2019, 21:11
I'd consult with the manufacturer.

Hopefully he chimes in.:) My fear is the emulsion will come off during development in the tank as I do the inversions.

Kent in SD