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John Berry ( Roadkill )
13-Oct-2005, 01:44
I'm going to Denver next week for the national exibit of vetrans art. I won the catagory for traditional B&W. I would like to know from any denver members any galleries that have photography exibits that could be recomended. Thanks, John

Raymond Bleesz
13-Oct-2005, 08:36

A must is the Camera Obscura Gallery on Bannock st, next to the Denver Art Museum. Hal Gould, who I saw yesterday, is 85 years old, somewhat hard of hearing, of slight built, but a real gem and authority on current & 19th century fine art photography. His gallery exhibits the finest photographers, past & present as well as his own work. His gallery is the oldest photo gallery in the US west of the Mississippi. Again, the gallery is a MUST. His photo library is extensive as well. Hal is highly regarded throughtout the photographic community.

There are a few others, but I leave that for some other contributers.

up in the mountains West of Denver, Raymond

13-Oct-2005, 10:09
for contemporary photography, check out Gallery Sink ... 2301 w. 30the st. www.gallerysink.com

John Berry ( Roadkill )
13-Oct-2005, 14:36
Thank, If I have to play hooky I'm gonna get to see them. Thanks again, John

Keith Pitman
13-Oct-2005, 17:40
Also, don't miss Photographers' Gallery at 2426 E. 3rd in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood.

Eric Biggerstaff
14-Oct-2005, 22:06
Another vote for Camera Obscura. Hal is a wonderful man and has been great for me to know and work with, always willing to give a good critique. Also, make sure to meet hsi "right hand man" Loretta. She is a wonderful photographer too.

Have a nice trip.

Eric Bigggerstaff