View Full Version : Was there a lens hood for the 14" Kodak commercial ektar?

8-Feb-2019, 12:01
Just wondering, was there a lens hood for the 14" Kodak Commercial Ektar?

If there was none, does anyone know why?

TIA, klw

8-Feb-2019, 12:29
I 've seen these a few times over the years:


Mark Sampson
8-Feb-2019, 12:34
I believe Kodak made a slip-on Series filter adapter for that lens, probably Series 8. And an aluminum hood to screw into that, much like what's seen above. Other makers offered similar products as well. They're still out there to be had- harder to find now that all the old-school camera stores are gone.

Tin Can
8-Feb-2019, 12:41
The series adapters and hoods are very cool, hoods kinda fragile, the filters are all bad that I have.

For a while there were many on eBay USA, best to find a stash and make a deal.

I have an assortment, but will never sell them. Too rare now.

8-Feb-2019, 21:23
Look for a Kodak Pola-screen holder on ebay. It's a square hood with three set screws and a filter slot at the back. Perfect for large LF lenses in the studio, B fits barrels from 3.5 to 4.5", and the A may be smaller, I believe. There's also a telescoping model! There's almost always at least one listed. Also goes under Eastman name.

Mark Sampson
8-Feb-2019, 21:40
All my tech literature is boxed up, packed to move again. The old publication "Kodak Lenses", in there somewhere, would tell you just which parts EK made.
When I had a 14" Ektar i taped gels behind the lens and used the dark slide as a shade. If I'd shot more 8x10, and kept the gear (never sell a lens) I'd have worked out a better answer, likely using the original parts.
Such adapters and hoods were made by numerous companies back then- Ednalite and Tiffen come to mind, and there were others. Best of luck!

9-Feb-2019, 12:35
Thanks a lot. I like the idea of a drop in filter holder :)

So I have to find a Kodak Series 8 (?) or a Kodak Pola-screen holder, right? What kind of Filter will fit in this Holder?

9-Feb-2019, 15:30
The pola-screen holder takes a big round polarizer with a handle, but I think you could cut gels to fit in it.

10-Feb-2019, 01:09
Ok, so there are no color Filters (like Yellow-Green, Orange etc) that fit in the pola-screen Holder?

Andrew Plume
10-Feb-2019, 03:24
Hi Steve

That's a very attractive lens set up, presumably mounted on a 8 x 10 Wisner...............?



10-Feb-2019, 07:07
Ok, so there are no color Filters (like Yellow-Green, Orange etc) that fit in the pola-screen Holder?

This isn't a recent rig. The screen that came with it is a mess. I imagine that if there were color filters they would have been laminated like the polarizer, and similarly degraded. There were two diffusion screens that fit, and they rely on external glass texture, so the one I own is fine.

The filter holder part is open, with single pins on the left, right, and underneath to locate the filter, and a removable top pin to lock the filter in place. Shown below on my 8x10 Ansco with 14-3/4" Caltar in a #5 shutter. If you click through the photo you can see a red washer on the back of the hood, and that's ahead of the bobbin that holds the filter on that side. Similar on bottom and right, with just a pin on the top.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7902/40083723723_605cdfeb05_z.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/2454yyT)
Kodak Hood (https://flic.kr/p/2454yyT) by Michael Darnton (https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaeldarnton/), on Flickr

10-Feb-2019, 12:36
Thanks a lot! So it might be a better solution to build something similar around more recent filters…

I also really like the metal hood on the image Steve posted. Does anyone know what the ›name‹ of the hood is?

10-Feb-2019, 12:48
I wish that I could tell you more about that hood but the camera has been gone for years.

10-Feb-2019, 13:01
Instead of lens mounted hoods (which can eat IC if you are not looking), I found ways to mount a larger hinged tube or compendium hood that swings over the entire lens/shutter when shooting...

Like Mark sez, look up the Kodak guides for the proper series filter adapter, but many Kodak lenses were threaded to directly take a series filter holder, so that's a possiblity...

Many of my multi format lenses are series sized so filters interchange, and new ones are still being made, but there's the finding of rings, but sometimes a
ring very close to your lens diameter can be secured on your lens by tape, friction fit, some glue etc...

Steve K

Keith Pitman
10-Feb-2019, 14:34
This is the Kodak book Mark referred to: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/kodak_4.html

And, I think this page gives the original specs for the 14 lens:

11-Feb-2019, 04:28
Yes, it says Series IX No. 91 Screw-in. I've seen some Series VIII, but not a single Series IX, but now I know what to search for :) Thanks a lot!

11-Feb-2019, 15:35
Yes, it says Series IX No. 91 Screw-in. I've seen some Series VIII, but not a single Series IX, but now I know what to search for :) Thanks a lot!
They are used for cinema, and common for them, but hard to find in the still market...

Tiffen sell new ones, as well as others... Hard to find used as they are still in use...

Steve K