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12-Oct-2005, 16:45
Anybody know of dealer of LF (8x10) equipment in or near SE Michigan? All my favorite photo haunts have closed: Feldmans, Dave's Photo Emporium. My (second to) last resort store just slammed the phone in my face, its seems, because I had the audacity to ask a question which the salesperson was apparently at a loss to answer. The only person I seem to be able to talk with who apparently knows about this stuff (and is not rude) is Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange. I would, for a change, like to be able to handle merchandise before kicking out several hundred dollars and hoping I like/have a use for what I am interested in purchasing.

Michigan is...well, never mind.

Steve Hamley
12-Oct-2005, 17:17

You're not that far from Columbus. I'm in Tennessee, and make periodic "pilgrimmages" to MPEX and Quality Camera just to kick the tires. Also, if you visit MPEX, you'll discover Jim routinely has a lot of stuff he doesn't list, likely because it won't stay around long enough. You'll also find a lot of small items and accessories you need that aren't listed - WARNING: Wallet alert!


Robert A. Zeichner
13-Oct-2005, 05:33

There are many LF users in SE Michigan. I meet with at least a dozen of them on a regular basis and some are extremely knowledgeable and successful photographers. I too am saddened by the loss of places to go look at stuff, but there are still a few other ways to do this. Feel free to email and I might be able to put you in touch with some who can help.

Warren Weckesser
13-Oct-2005, 09:37
I lived in Ann Arbor for two years ('99-'01), and I enjoyed going to the monthly meetings of the Ann Arbor Camera Club. There were a few large format photographers who showed up pretty regularly, including Howard Bond.

By the way, if you get a chance to take a workshop from Howard Bond--he lives in Ann Arbor--go for it. He has lots of great advice, and the chance to see his collection of photographs is almost worth the cost of a workshop.

13-Oct-2005, 23:10
I've never seen 8x10 equipment in SE Michigan. I'd like to know, too if there are such dealers in the vicinity as they are destined to have some 4x5 stuff as well. There's a guy (whose name escapes me) at Big George's in Ann Arbor shoots 4x5, and he might know a rope or two.