View Full Version : 14" Ektar

12-Oct-2005, 16:35

Anybody know how close (in terms of view through lens) a 14" Ektar is to a 300mm lens? I am looking for a portrait lens that will get a bit closer than 300, but am worried that 14" might be t close. I live in Michigan, where
almost nobody speaks large format, and am therefore at a disadvantage.

Amund BLix Aaeng
12-Oct-2005, 17:05
14 inches is 355.6 mm.


12-Oct-2005, 17:08
I am aware that 14 inches is 355mm. I don't know what it LOOKS like when looking through the lens, compared with the 300mm.

Mark Sawyer
12-Oct-2005, 17:16
It's different, but not very much. In 35mm, its about like going from a 50mm lens to a 60mm lens. (Well, to a 59.2666mm. Somebody's gonna get picky...) If you have a mid-range zoom, you can play with it and get a general idea.

Scott Davis
12-Oct-2005, 19:25
as previously said, it is just a tad longer than a 300mm, in terms of field-of-view. As someone who has one, it is a GORGEOUS lens for portraiture.

John D Gerndt
12-Oct-2005, 19:38

I have the lens in question and live in SE MIchigan (Pontiac area). If you'd like to take a look perhaps we can meet. Really though, an 18% increase is no big deal. Be like the rest of us and buy both the 14 and the 12!


Oren Grad
12-Oct-2005, 20:19
It really depends how you see things. For me, a 300 renders with a very neutral spatial perspective, while a 355 or 360 is enough longer to look modestly but distinctly compressed.

Remember that if you plan to be working close with a 360 you'll be wrestling with very shallow DOF and long bellows extensions.

Jim Noel
12-Oct-2005, 21:24
The 14" is 18.3% longer than the 300 mm.

It definitely gives a better persepctive for portraits. I have a couple of pre 1940 14" lenses which I use exclusively for portraits - one is a soft focus in barrrel mount.
Use it - I think you will like it.