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Kathy Odiorne
12-Oct-2005, 11:33
I've been looking at field cameras on ebay, but find when I research and look up the specs, some of them have noninterchangable bellows. which is ok, since I don't do much wide

angle, and wouldn't have a need for bag bellows. But my question is, when the bellows are damaged, how do you replace them? Do you have to send it in for repairs, for can it be done in a relatively simple manner with the removal of a few screws. The camera in question is a Horseman. I'm fairly new to LF, and am taking a class in LF at our local Community college I have a Cambo monorail, but lugging it around is going to get old pretty quick. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

Kathy Odiorne

Jorge Gasteazoro
12-Oct-2005, 12:39
Older cameras like Korona, Ansco, Empire, Kodak have their bellows glued to a wooden frame which is in turn attached to the frame with screws. All you have to do is look under the pleats at each end and you will find the screws.

Good luck with your hunt.

12-Oct-2005, 12:49
My take is that you have a line on a Horseman with a bad bellows. Correct? If we knew what, exactly, was wrong with the bellows in question we might be able to tell you if it can be repaired at home. Replacements for that camera are available, of course.

About the rest of the cameras in the world, the answer is All of The Above in your questions.

Ted Harris
12-Oct-2005, 13:18

Assuming the camera you are looking at on eBay is the one with the creases in the bellows you should not have to worry. As long as the bellows are light tight the creases will have no effect beyond cosmetic (and hopefully keeping the priuce low for you). I used a Horseman FA for many years with creases in the bellows and never a problem. To give you some guidance on a reasonable price, Midwest usually sells the Horseman FA in near mint condition for ~ 1200-1300. ?

Kathy Odiorne
12-Oct-2005, 14:39
Thanks for the quick responses, guys. The FA listed is the one I'm watching. If the bellows issue is just cosmetic, it looks like a great deal. I've also been checking out the ShenHao at Badger Graphics, which looks like a real nice camera for the price. I'm not in a great hurry, since I have the Cambo to work with, but I know before I take any major trips I will want something lighter.

Scott Davis
12-Oct-2005, 19:42
Kathy- I'd strongly suggest the Shen Hao as a viable alternative. I just got back from a seven day, 1200 mile trek through the California Sierras with mine, and it never let me down (I'll post some scans from my work when I get through processing... over 100 sheets of b/w, and 22 sheets of Velvia 100). I never even needed the bag bellows, although I have it - even shooting with my 75mm. It is solid, extremely flexible (I even have a couple of shots where my corners went dark - the camera is able to out-move the image circle on my Rodenstock 210 f5.6!!!), and very easy to use.

Kathy Odiorne
12-Oct-2005, 21:58
Thanks for the tip, Scott. I've heard only good things about the Shen Hao, and the price is right. :) It sounds like you have some processing ahead of you. It will be great ot see some of your scans.