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David Starr
12-Oct-2005, 07:04
I can't find anything on the ATL-3 at Jobo's (Omega) web site, so I thought I'd ask here.

What is the largest drum it will handle?

Will it handle the Expert series drums?

Does anyone know if parts are still available (I emailed Omega, but no answer yet)?


Ted Harris
12-Oct-2005, 07:48
It will handle all the expert drums. Only very limited parts are available. The ATL 3 was only in production for a few years. The curren series (ATL 2200,2300, 2400 and 2500) have now been in production since 1998 or 1997 and there was at least one iteration between the ATL 3 and the current series so figure it is, at best 10 years old and maybe older. I discussed the ATL 3 and several other older models at length with the Jobo folk wheh I was in the market (got an ATL 2300). The only older model with good parts supply is the ATL 2000 which is almost the same as the current series. If I correctly recall my conversations, the only parts that are available for the ATL 3 and the ATL 2+ are those that are still used ont he current models and these are jsut a few mechanical parts, most of the electronics are gone gone gone.

Given the market for used ATL machines you should look for a newer machine unless you are buying this at a great bargain .... and that would be a few hundred dollars ... and have some guarantee it is in working order.

Erik Eks
12-Oct-2005, 10:30
Ted, any reason why you chose the ATL 2300 over the ATL 2200? Are the extra features of the ATL 2300 worth springing for? There was quite a premium to be paid, if memory serves me well.

Ted Harris
12-Oct-2005, 11:14

If I were buying new I wouldn't have paid the difference. As it was I purchased the unit from a studio that had barely used it and then wen tdigital and got it for a song. Having now used it for a year plus I am very happy that I chose the 2300, the additional options are valuablel to me ... the two processing lines both ready to go is worth it when I am in major processing mode. I normally run the back processing line as B&w but also have a second set of bottles to run it as E6. Right now I have some 60 sheets to process E^ so will run both the front and back line as E6. Will run one expert drum, take it off and pop the second one on to run it and replenish the chemicals in the other line wile the second drum is processing until I am finished ... a real time saver.

A decision you need to male for yourself, as it was given the price I paid it was a no brainer.

Erik Eks
12-Oct-2005, 11:47
Wow, lucky you, Ted.