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Neil Purling
31-Jan-2019, 05:53
In Rodinal it is about 125 ASA, like FP4 Plus. What sort of time is best when diluted at 1:50?
Once I got that right I wanted to pull it 1 stop for 60ASA.

Pere Casals
31-Jan-2019, 06:14
What sort of time is best when diluted at 1:50?

It depends on the scene, and on want you want.

8 to 10min, 9min as a good starting point. If you shot it at 125 ASA then pehaps you will end in 8min or less.

See here:


If tried it with R09 and Xtol, I liked it with Xtol because of slightly better shadow detail and smoother grain, but this is only a personal preference.

31-Jan-2019, 09:36
Check out a site called "Massive Dev Chart", it has all the info you need! I use the mobile app all the time!

Joshua Pheneger

Neil Purling
31-Jan-2019, 09:56
Just raked through my little black book. I had 10 min 1:50, but that was for 35mm. I just wondered if 4x5 was any different.
I think the Fomapan 200 is about the best film I have at present. The rest of my boxes are various x-ray films From MDC I figure 8 min for flash use to cut contrast.